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Promoting & Improving Automotive & Diesel Careers in the Greater Madison Area

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Working Together to Improve Madison’s Auto & Diesel Community

The WrenchWay Madison Chapter is an online community that brings together the best shops and dealerships with schools, technicians, and other industry professionals in the Madison, WI, area.

Our goal is to promote and improve careers in the automotive and diesel industries.

WrenchWay’s online community provides:

The program is free for schools, technicians, and industry professionals. Shop memberships are available at a low cost.

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WrenchWay Madison Chapter will be launching April 1, 2023

At launch we will have at least:

of the best shops and dealerships in the area
high schools and post-secondary schools
local technicians, students, and other industry professionals

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All WrenchWay programs are free for individuals and schools. Shops pay a small membership fee ($150/month if paying annually).

We will never share contact information about individual members. If they choose to follow a shop, that shop can message them through WrenchWay, but even then, shops never will see any contact information (i.e., phone number, email, work location, etc.).

Each month, we will randomly select an individual member to win the current local jackpot. That winner gets to keep half of the jackpot and the rest goes to a local high school of their choice. Individuals earn entries in a variety of ways, including answering poll questions posted by local shops, referring other members, and following shops. WrenchWay will verify each winner actually works in the industry or attends a school in the specified geographical area. 

You can still participate in all activities. You just will not be eligible to win the monthly local prize. However, all members are always eligible for WrenchWay’s weekly Loneliest Number game.

Shops receive many benefits including: Additional followers (technicians, students, etc), more hires, better retention, valuable feedback from the community, plus the benefits of helping local schools.

The primary benefit for schools is help from industry to support their programs. This can come in many forms, including: Tool and part donations, cash donations, vehicle donations, class speakers, internships and scholarships for students, advisory committee members, and much more.

The obvious benefit is the chance to win lucrative prizes. Individuals also benefit from learning what’s going on at local shops, helping local schools, and connecting with other industry professionals.