What Technicians Can Do With the WrenchWay Mobile App


Check out all the job details before you apply

  • Compensation and benefits
  • Shop photos
  • Employee and shop videos
  • FAQs on work environment, career development, and hiring process
WrenchWay Top Shops profile on desktop and mobile
Two iPhone screens: one with an example of a Reverse Job Post and the other with example messaging within the WrenchWay Mobile App


Overwhelmed by the job search process? Let shops approach you

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Fill out a short questionnaire about your skills and what you’re looking for in a shop. Your contact information is kept private.

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Shops will reach out to you with questions and job opportunities.

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Chat with shops while remaining anonymous. Only disclose your contact information when you’re comfortable.


Not looking for a new job? Win prizes by providing industry feedback

  • Answer quick questions about working as a technician
  • All responses are anonymous
  • Feedback is used to help improve shops and schoolss
  • Play games for a chance to win prizes
WrenchWay Challenge and Game Screens

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