How to Position Your Shop to Recruit Top Technicians

Type: Webinar
Date: May 12, 2021

Host: David Tulkin, Director of Business Development, Shop-Ware


  • Jay Goninen, Co-Founder & President, WrenchWay
  • Phil Carpenter, Director of Operations, Urban Autocare
  • Kenneth Greffin, President & COO, Aspen Auto Clinic

Finding technicians to hire is no easy task in today’s competitive job market. As less students enter the industry and more technicians leave the industry, shop owners and managers are stuck between a rock and hard place as they scramble to fill their bays.

In this webinar, we’ve brought together three industry experts to have an open discussion about hiring technicians. We will discuss:

  • The challenges of hiring
  • Where to find technicians
  • How to get technicians’ attention
  • The importance of “selling” your shop to techs

Past Events

Managing Military Veterans in the Shop

Technicians are in high demand across the entire country, and veterans who have experience as military technicians offer a unique skill set that can bring a lot of value to shops.

In this roundtable, we’ve brought together a diverse group of panelists to discuss:

  • Why shops should be proactively recruiting veterans
  • Overcoming the stereotypes of employing veterans
  • Tips for managing veterans in the shop

Women in Wrenching: How Do We Attract More Women to the Industry?

Take a look at almost any service center in the country and one thing is blatantly obvious — men outnumber women by a landslide. But, why is that? What can schools, shops, and dealerships be doing to make the industry more attractive to women?

In this roundtable, we discuss:

  • What it’s like to work in the industry as a woman
  • How we can attract more women to the industry
  • How women can accelerate their careers within the industry