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How Shops Can Actually Attract More Technicians in 2022

Type: Webinar
Date: January 18, 2022
1:00pm CT

Job boards are great, but if your recruiting strategy begins and ends there, you’re missing out on an estimated 75% of technicians that are open to new opportunities, but not actively looking at job boards. Join us for this webinar where we will be talking about how shops can make 2022 the year they actually attract more technicians.


WrenchWay Schools Week

Type: Online
Date: February 22-25, 2022

To recognize the hard work and important role educators play in helping solve the technician shortage, WrenchWay is excited to announce the first annual WrenchWay Schools Week.

The purpose of WrenchWay Schools Week is to highlight and celebrate all the great things schools are doing to help students find success in technician careers and beyond. In today’s environment, educators are challenged more than ever to provide top-notch education and training to those who want to pursue a career in shops and dealerships as technicians. This week will not only acknowledge the efforts of these dedicated professionals, but also help attract prospective talent to the automotive, diesel, and collision industries.

Join us for a roundtable discussion, check out a demo of WrenchWay’s newest free tool for schools, or post a shoutout to an amazing instructor on LinkedIn—Whatever you do, take a moment to celebrate schools!

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NADA Show 2022

Type: Conference & Expo
Date: March 11-13, 2022
Las Vegas, NV

NADA Expo is the auto industry’s premier marketplace, with more than 500 companies offering thousands of products, solutions and services in one place. Visit WrenchWay in booth #7146N!

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Past Events

TechMission 2021

This was our second annual TechMission event! TechMission brings together technicians, shop owners and managers, and schools to talk about why technicians are leaving the industry, what schools can do to better prepare technicians for industry, and what shops can do to keep technicians in the industry.

Check out the eight impactful sessions today!

Click here to view all of the TechMission2021 session recordings

7 Mistakes Shops Make When Recruiting Technicians

Finding technicians is no easy task when nearly every shop and dealership is hiring. Yet, even in this competitive market, we continuously see shops falling short with their recruiting strategy.

In this webinar, we discuss the most common mistakes we see shops making when trying to recruit technicians and what they can do to fix them to start attracting more applicants.

7 Secrets of Successful Auto Repair Shops

Ever wonder what the best of the best repair shops are doing to grow their business? From customer marketing to retaining employees and more, we’ll be dishing the top secrets of the most successful repair shops across the country.

WrenchWay’s 1 Year Anniversary & Sneak Peek of Reverse Job Posts

Join us as we celebrate WrenchWay’s 1 year anniversary! We recap highlights of our first year, discuss customer success stories, and give a sneak peek of our newest product launching soon: Reverse Job Posts.

WrenchWay’s 20/90 Challenge: Recruiting & Retaining Technicians

Every shop owner and service manager knows they need to make recruiting and retaining technicians a priority, yet few actually do anything about it. We get it — we’re all busy. But until shops really start to focus on technician recruitment and retainment, hiring is always going to be a fire drill.

In this webinar, Mark Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of WrenchWay, will walk you through WrenchWay’s new program that helps shop owners and service managers achieve results by dedicating a little time each week to recruiting and retaining technicians.

Whether you use WrenchWay’s 20/90 Tracker or not, this webinar will give you actionable things you can do each week (that don’t take a long time) to amp up your recruitment and retention strategies.

Managing Military Veterans in the Shop

Technicians are in high demand across the entire country, and veterans who have experience as military technicians offer a unique skill set that can bring a lot of value to shops.

In this roundtable, we’ve brought together a diverse group of panelists to discuss:

  • Why shops should be proactively recruiting veterans
  • Overcoming the stereotypes of employing veterans
  • Tips for managing veterans in the shop

Women in Wrenching: How Do We Attract More Women to the Industry?

Take a look at almost any service center in the country and one thing is blatantly obvious — men outnumber women by a landslide. But, why is that? What can schools, shops, and dealerships be doing to make the industry more attractive to women?

In this roundtable, we discuss:

  • What it’s like to work in the industry as a woman
  • How we can attract more women to the industry
  • How women can accelerate their careers within the industry

Why Shops Need to Focus on Technician Career Development

One of the biggest complaints we hear from technicians is they are often frustrated with not having a clear path for career growth in a shop. As career development becomes more important to technicians, it is critical that shops and dealerships make this a priority.

During this roundtable, our panelists will help us understand the growing importance of career development programs in shops, what some of those programs look like, and what results shops have seen by having a program in place.

Moderator: Jay Goninen, President, WrenchWay


  • Tim Winkeler, President & CEO, VIP Tires & Service
  • Jim Bennett, Director of Technical Training and Development, ATI
  • Jake Schaefer, Service & Parts Director, Smart Motors Toyota
  • Damon Agostino, Automotive Technician, Sixth Street Automotive

How Shops & Schools Can Get More Technicians Into the Industry

In this WrenchWay roundtable, we discuss the current status of technician programs at the high school level, as well as the perception students, parents, and counselors have about a career in the automotive and diesel industries.

We brought in a diverse panel to help uncover what has (and hasn’t) changed at the high school level, what needs to improve, the challenges shop programs face, and, most important, how shops can help schools.

Moderator: Jay Goninen, President, WrenchWay


  • Steve Hamre, National Technician Recruiting Manager, Lithia Motors, Inc.
  • George Arrants, Vice President, ASE Education Foundation
  • Ben Zimmerman, Technology Education Teacher, Verona Area High School
  • Dustin Doyle, Service Technician, Truck Country
  • Noah Wainwright, Student, Des Moines Area Community College

Why Most Shops & Dealerships Fail at Recruiting Technicians


Struggling to fill your bays with great technicians? You’re not alone.

You can chalk it up to the technician shortage. However, truth be told, shop managers and those in charge of hiring are making it even harder to find technicians by failing to address a major step in the job search process.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The importance of understanding the technician job search process
  • The step in the job search process that most shops and dealerships are failing to address
  • What you can do to attract more and better technician to your shop

Speaker: Mark Wilson, CEO, WrenchWay