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WrenchWay Local Chapters – Informational Session

Date: Thursday, April 13th at 3:00pm ET / 2:00pm CT

We recently launched WrenchWay Chapters in 13 cities across the U.S. These localized online communities bring together the best shops and dealerships with schools, technicians, and other industry professionals with the goal of promoting and improving careers in the automotive and diesel industries.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The purpose of WrenchWay Local Chapters
  • Membership types and benefits
  • Examples of how local shops and schools are working together
  • And more!

WrenchWay Local Chapters are currently available in: Charlotte, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, Twin Cities, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, and Raleigh.

No chapter in your city yet? Attend anyway—we’ll be opening up more WrenchWay Chapters soon!


WrenchWay Local Chapter Meetings

Date: April 17 – May 10, 2023

WrenchWay Local Chapter meetings are for schools and shops on WrenchWay to discuss ways we can support one another. These meetings will take place virtually through zoom. They’re free to attend, but you must register. Available for schools and shops in the following cities:

  • Charlotte
  • Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Denver
  • Detroit
  • Houston
  • Indianapolis
  • Madison
  • Milwaukee
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul
  • Philadelphia
  • Portland
  • Raleigh

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