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Journey of an Auto Technician ft. Russell Wickham, Country II

Episode Description From starting out with a career in journalism to now being a technician, Russell Wickham has had a unique journey. In this episode, Russell breaks down his career path, stresses the importance of having a positive attitude, and offers his advice to shops that are struggling to recruit

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WrenchWay to Launch Local Chapters Across the U.S.

WrenchWay is excited to announce that we will launch Local Chapters across the country starting in 11 cities starting in April! WrenchWay Local Chapters bring together the best shops and dealerships with schools, technicians, and other industry professionals in cities across the country with the goal of promoting and improving


Females in the Automotive Industry ft. Jessica Toliuszis, Women in Auto Care

Episode Description Not only do we need more technicians in the industry, but there is also a massive shortage of females working in automotive. In this week’s episode, we are joined by Jessica Toliuszis, Chair of Women in Auto Care, to discuss tips for managing female technicians, barriers to entry

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Insurance for Independent Shops ft. Robert Steele, IGO Benefits

Episode Description Purchasing insurance is a complex need that the average shop owner doesn’t know enough about in order to make informed decisions. Tune into this week’s episode as Robert Steele, Founder & CEO of IGO Benefits, shares stories of his time in the NFL, talks about how he got

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Auto Racing in High School ft. Jonathan Eckelberg, High School Racing Association

Episode Description Racing is more than going fast and turning left. Students can gain real-life experience and technical skills by racing and being a part of a racing team. Jonathan Eckelberg, Director of the High School Racing Association (HSRA), understands the benefits of auto racing and has taken his family’s

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Transitioning from Technician to Shop Owner ft. Gabriel Christian, Import Performance

Episode Description Few technicians make the hard leap to shop owner. In this week’s episode, Gabriel Christian, Owner of Import Performance Auto Repair, walks us through his journey from technician to owner, discusses lessons he has learned while being in the industry, and stresses the impact of a good service

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Recruiting Technicians

Finding technicians to apply is hard enough. The last thing any hiring manager or shop owner wants is to lose that applicant during the recruitment and hiring process. Yet, this happens every day. A recent survey showed nearly half of the respondents declined a job offer because of a poor

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Modern Auto Repair Shop Management ft. David Cuene, Broadway Automotive

Episode Description The same shop management and technician recruiting strategies that were used 30 years ago don’t work like they used to. In this episode, David Cuene, Managing Partner at Broadway Automotive, joins us to discuss several topics, including taking care of your team, adapting to changes in the industry,

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Achieving Your Goals ft. Darin Damron, Jasper Engines & Transmissions

Episode Description When setting a goal, the path to achieving it can be a daunting task that can often derail the outcome. In this episode, Darin Damron, SE Regional Vice President at Jasper Engines & Transmissions, breaks down goal setting, mind mapping, and explains the positive journey of achieving goals.

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Why Technicians Should Care about Obsolescence

Obsolescence is the single greatest detriment to parts department profits and health and, while many sources of obsolescence can only be managed and prevented by parts managers, over-ordering or misdiagnosis from technicians can contribute a large part of that pesky unneeded inventory. Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes you just end

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