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Making Your Service Advisors a Priority ft. Chris Craig

Episode Description In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, Chris Craig joins us to discuss his experience as a former service advisor, the importance of the advisor and technician relationship, advice on shop turnover, and best practices on selling diagnostic time. Watch the Full Episode The Advisor and Technician

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WrenchWay Launches Game to Give Away $1,000 Weekly to Technicians & High School Tech Programs

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new weekly game called The Loneliest Number where we will be giving away $500 a week to a technician and $500 to the high school tech program of the technician’s choice. How It Works Each week, we post poll questions on Shop


The Importance of Recruitment Marketing ft. Martha Carrigan, Big Shoes Network

Episode Description In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we are joined by Martha Carrigan, CEO, Big Shoes Network. Martha shares with us her knowledge on recruitment marketing, how to treat your employees right, and how to get valuable feedback from employees. Watch the Full Episode Defining Recruitment Marketing

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4 Examples of Top Shops Talking About Employee Recognition

Although we are wrapping up our September Topic of the Month, Technician Recognition, Top Shops continue to promote and improve their amazing technician recognition benefits through our Shop Talk feed. It is great to see more and more videos being posted every day from shops across the country. Our Shop

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Instructor Spotlight Series: Bob Gunn

This article is part of an ongoing series to highlight fun/unique things different schools across the country are doing to attract students to their technician program, keep them engaged in the program, and set them up for a successful career as a technician. Instructor Spotlight: Bob Gunn School: West Kentucky

Keeping Your Technicians Happy ft. Tully Williams, The Niello Company

Episode Description In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, Tully Williams, Fixed Operations Director, The Niello Company joins us for an exciting episode. Tully shows his passion for the automotive industry by discussing ways shops can keep their technicians happy. He talks about why flat rate gets a bad

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Roundtable Recap: Technician Recognition: Creating a Culture of Appreciation in Your Service Center

Watch the Recording Roundtable Highlights Defining Employee Recognition Employee recognition is not something one person can create. It starts with the ownership and management team. Recognize people the way they want to be recognized. Everyone likes to be recognized in their own unique way. Knowing your staff on a personal

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The Importance of Technician Training ft. Andrew Jablonowski, Garage Gurus

Episode Description In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, Andrew Jablonowski, Content and Curriculum Manager, Garage Gurus joins us to share his insights on the importance of training, the transition of training from school to a shop, and the challenges with training. Watch the Full Episode Importance of Training

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Employee Appreciation Ideas for Repair Shops

Every shop and dealership knows the importance of employee appreciation and recognition. You’ll frequently hear owners, managers, or fixed ops directors talking about how their people are their top priority… Yet, over a quarter of employees aren’t recognized for their work, with an additional 17% saying they just receive it

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