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Will the Toolbelt Generation Fix the Technician Shortage?

Generation Z, which makes up those born between the mid-1990s and the early 2010s, has been dubbed “Zoomers,” “iGeneration,” and also the “Toolbelt Generation.” With the average cost of college in the U.S. more than doubling in the 21st century, more young people are choosing alternative pathways. The number of

Improving Your Dealership or Shop

Jay Marrazzo, General Manager of AIM Group, LLC, brings a fresh perspective on how shops and dealerships can improve by thinking of different departments as having different cultures. He also gets candid and discusses our industry's shortcomings. Watch the Full Episode <span; Show Notes About Our Guest Jay Marrazzo General

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How Much Do Mechanics Get Paid?

Technician salary is a hot topic in the automotive and diesel industries. Historically, mechanics have been subjected to “grease monkey” misconceptions—portraying them as dirty and uneducated. There’s also a misconception that automotive and diesel technicians don’t have high earning potential, which is simply untrue. These misconceptions are doing nothing to

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Benore Logistic Systems, Inc. Donates Trucks to Spartanburg Community College’s New Diesel Program Through WrenchWay

From one simple message on WrenchWay’s online platform to a four truck donation to a new diesel program, learn how Benore Logistic Systems, Inc. has grown their relationship with Spartanburg Community College. Instructor Seeks Support From Industry to Grow New Diesel Program Spartanburg Community College recently started a diesel program,

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Navigating Automotive Technician Education

George Arrants, Vice President at ASE Education Foundation, is back to clear up misconceptions about hiring employees under 18, discuss the shortage of teachers, and explore the impact that work-based learning can have on students. Watch the Full Episode <span; Show Notes About Our Guest George Arrants Vice President, ASE

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Diesel Technician Stats—Demographics, Job Satisfaction, Industry Outlook, & More

Diesel technicians play a crucial role in keeping the heavy-duty industry running smoothly. In this article, we dive into some statistics surrounding this important profession—exploring everything from job satisfaction to what diesel technicians look for in an employer. Whether you're considering a career as a diesel technician or simply interested

Repairing Relationships in the Service Department

Trust in the service department is imperative to running an effective shop. Derrick King, Director of Fixed Operations at ClearShift, joins us to give honest advice every shop needs to hear. From the importance of having transparency with your employees to simply respecting their career aspirations, you don’t want to

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Signs of a Bad Technician Hire + How to Avoid & Handle It

With so many shops struggling to find and hire qualified technicians, we often see shops rushing the hiring process which, unfortunately, can lead to some poor hiring decisions. While it is normal for a new employee to take 3-6 months to adjust to a new position, there are some red

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