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Sara Kerwin is the Director of Marketing at WrenchWay. She's an experienced marketing professional with a passion for lead generation, SEM, and content marketing.

WrenchWay Customer Spotlight: Sun Motor Cars

2022-01-14T16:08:05-05:00By |Success Stories|

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with some of the amazing team members at Sun Motor Cars in Mechanicsburg, PA, including: Dan Sunderland, Owner, Lisa Forgie, Human Resources Manager, and Caroline Krishan, Human Resources Assistant. As a part of the marketing team, I am fortunate in that I get to speak with a

How to Retain Technicians in Your Shop

2022-01-07T11:34:17-05:00By |Shop Management|

Hiring technicians is a pain point every shop and dealership is struggling with today. And after putting all the time, money, and effort into finding and hiring a qualified technician, the last thing any shop owner or manager wants is to lose them. The loss of a technician is expensive for a number of reasons.

WrenchWay School Connect Featured Project: Precision Measuring Certifications

2022-01-06T16:03:52-05:00By |News|

Each week leading up to WrenchWay Schools Week, we will be highlighting an open project on WrenchWay School Connect, in hopes we can help get it filled for the school. Help us help these schools by sharing this post on social media and tagging any local shops. Interested in helping out a school in your

Upcoming Webinar: How Shops Can Actually Attract More Technicians in 2022

2021-12-29T12:47:33-05:00By |News|

Date: January 18, 2022 Who: Mark Wilson, Co-Founder & CEO, WrenchWay Sara Kerwin, Director of Marketing, WrenchWay Description: Shops and dealerships know they should be doing more to attract technicians, yet very few are actually doing something about it. Job boards are great, but if your recruiting strategy begins and ends there, you’re missing out

How to Find Technicians to Work in Your Shop – Guidebook

2021-12-22T14:29:08-05:00By |Technician Recruiting|

Introduction: Why is it So Hard to Find Technicians? Shop owners and people in charge of hiring are all too familiar with the struggle of finding technicians. The technician shortage is not a new issue. However, it is becoming more urgent for shops to take action. The statistics vary, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics

5 Most Popular WrenchWay Blog Posts of 2021

2021-12-22T14:13:49-05:00By |News|

2021… What a year! On the WrenchWay blog, we do our best to deliver helpful content for shop owners, fixed operations professionals, technicians, and schools. In 2021, we published over 140 blog articles! We hope you got a chance to read a few (or all) of them, but in case you missed some, we put

WrenchWay Top Schools to Help Students Choose the Best Technician Programs

2021-12-15T13:18:09-05:00By |News|

WrenchWay recently announced they will soon be coming out with a new solution called Top Schools to help post-secondary schools attract more students to their technician programs and to help students find the school that’s the best fit for them. “We work with hundreds of high school instructors across the country and want to provide

40+ Questions Technicians Can Ask in a Mechanic Job Interview

2021-12-08T17:33:55-05:00By |For Technicians|

Not only is a job interview a time for the shop to get to know the technician/mechanic and assess their skillset, but it’s also an opportunity for the technicians to determine if the shop is a good place to work. Asking your interviewer questions is incredibly important. Not only does it show you’re interested in

The Importance of Video for Recruiting Technicians, ft. Fred Gestwicki Jr, Fix-It With Fred

2021-12-03T12:48:57-05:00By |Technician Recruiting|

The research around the importance of using video for recruiting is insurmountable. A few things to consider: Video content on social media gets 1200% more shares than text and image content (G2Crowd). Job posts with videos get 800% more engagement (Talentlyft). People spend 2.6 times longer on pages that contain video (Wistia). We recently sat

Why Shops & Dealerships Should Put Salary in Technician Job Postings

2021-11-29T17:02:20-05:00By |Technician Recruiting|

Writing an automotive technician job posting that entices candidates to apply is no easy task. Often times, one of the biggest sticking points for many shops and dealerships wanting to hire technicians is, “Should I include salary in technician job postings?” The quick answer: Absolutely. Shops Not Posting Salary Range are Missing Out on Qualified

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