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WrenchWay Reverse Job Posts flip the traditional job board around. Instead of searching through hundreds of job posts that all look the same, technicians fill out a short profile and let shops come to them. The best part is technicians remain completely anonymous.

How It Works

Technicians fill out a brief questionnaire

Technicians answer questions about their work experience and what they’re looking for in a shop. The questionnaire takes 10 minutes to complete, and no resume is needed.

Examples of two questions on the Reverse Job Post questionnaire in WrenchWay
Technicians see a list of matching shops in their area

Based on the information technicians provide, we show a list of shops that meet their criteria. Technicians can remove any shops from the list they don’t want seeing their post. Even once a shop is approved to see their post, they will still not be able to see the technician’s name or contact information.

Listing of shops in the Reverse Job Post radius in WrenchWay
Shops browse technicians

Shops see profiles of the technicians currently looking in their area who have approved their shop. Shops can see a technician’s experience, skill set, and what they’re looking for. However, they do not see any identifiable information such as name, contact information, or current employer.

Example of a shop messaging with a technician in MyShop
Shops and technicians message within WrenchWay

Shops can send a message within WrenchWay to any technician they’re interested in. Technicians and shops can chat back and forth — all while the technicians remain anonymous. When and if the technician wants, they can disclose their contact information and move forward with an interview.

Example of a technician and shop messaging back and forth regarding a reverse job post in WrenchWay

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Reverse Job Posts really anonymous?

Unlike other job boards that claim to post resumes anonymously (yet still show current employer), WrenchWay Reverse Job Posts does not show ANY identifiable information about technicians including name, contact information, or current/former employers.

Do shops see all technicians who have posted?

No. Shops see profiles of technicians who match what the technician is looking for (location, type of shop, etc) and who have been approved by the technician. The profiles also only last for 30 days, so there are not outdated ones in there.

How long are Reverse Job Posts listed for?

Unlike resume databases that are full of outdated resumes, Reverse Job Posts are live for 30 days — ensuring all postings are for technicians that are currently looking for work.

Do job seekers pay to use Reverse Job Posts?

No. We never charge individuals to use Reverse Job Posts or any other part of WrenchWay.

Why should technicians use Reverse Job Posts?

Looking for a new job can be a huge pain, especially in an industry like ours where everybody is hiring. All posts on traditional job boards look the same, and you can only find out much of the useful information when you go in for an interview. Reverse Job Posts allow techs to post exactly what they’re looking for and have shops come to them. They can then message back and forth to answer additional questions all while remaining anonymous.

Why should shops use Reverse Job Posts?

Why wouldn’t you? You can see profiles of qualified techs in your area who are looking for a new job. If you see one you like, you can reach out.

How do I sign up?

If you're a technician looking for a new job or just want to see what's out there, you can sign up online or download the free WrenchWay mobile app.

If you're a shop looking to connect with technicians, check out all that WrenchWay offers shops.

Can students sign up for Reverse Job Posts?

Yes! Students who are studying to become a technician can fill out a Reverse Job Post to find part-time work at a shop. Sign up online or download the free WrenchWay mobile app to get started.