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Technicians Share How to Fix the Technician Shortage

Everyone loves to talk about how we can fix the national technician shortage, but few people are asking the individuals who can truly give us the answer: the technicians themselves. We recently asked technicians: What is the one thing that needs to change to improve the technician shortage? Obviously, it's not one thing that needs

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Recruiting Technicians

Finding technicians to apply is hard enough. The last thing any hiring manager or shop owner wants is to lose that applicant during the recruitment and hiring process. Yet, this happens every day. A recent survey showed nearly half of the respondents declined a job offer because of a poor recruitment experience (PWC). The good

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5 Ways to Recruit Veterans to Your Shop

Technicians are in high demand across the entire country, and veterans who have experience as military technicians offer a unique skill set that can bring a lot of value to shops. Of course, military veterans will apply through regular job postings from time to time. But, shops that take the time to develop a targeted

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How Shops Can Promote Technician Job Openings on Facebook

With 79% of job applicants using social media in their job search, it is imperative for shops to be posting and sharing their job openings on social media. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, kind of. It turns out there are a lot of different ways to post job openings on social media, and of course,

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How Much Online Research Do Automotive Technicians Do Before Applying for a Job?

We talk to many shops and when we ask what their biggest current challenge is right now the majority of them tell us it is hiring technicians. Unfortunately, what we most often find is that when you look at the shop’s web presence, including their website, Google Business Profile, Facebook and other social media, you

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3 Step Process to Finding & Promoting What’s Unique About Your Shop

Often times when shops are asked what makes them unique, they answer with one of the following: “We pay competitively.” “We have a great reputation.” “We’ve got a great culture.” Those answers are great, but are honestly too generic to resonate with technicians. Technicians are hard to find, and those that are out there are

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Need a New Strategy for Recruiting Technicians? Let’s Chat at NADA

Dealerships everywhere are having to rethink and get creative with their recruiting strategies in order to attract technicians. The growing shortage of technicians has led to a fight for attention between shops for the 5% of technicians who are actively looking for jobs on major job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc. Most recruiting strategies end there—completely

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Want More Mechanics to Apply for Your Job? Make it Easier!

We’ve worked with shops and dealerships across the country to help them find mechanics to hire. When it comes to the number of applicants they get, there are some factors that shops simply cannot control (i.e., location, etc.). However, there are far more ways shops can influence the number of applicants they receive. One of

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What Makes Technician Recruiting Successful? Find Your Champion

Shops and dealerships know they need to be doing more to recruit technicians, but their recruiting strategies often fall flat. The truth is the best recruiting strategies in the world will not be successful without a champion. What is a Champion? A champion is a person who takes ownership and leads a project or initiative

How Shops Can Use Their Website to Recruit Technicians

Shops may think their websites only need to appeal to their customers. However, shops whose websites only speak to consumers are missing out on attracting a primary power behind what keeps their customers coming back—their technicians. Let’s look at how shops can use their websites to not only attract customers, but also recruit technicians. Career

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