Why Shops & Dealerships Should Put Salary in Technician Job Postings

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Writing an automotive technician job posting that entices candidates to apply is no easy task. Often times, one of the biggest sticking points for many shops and dealerships wanting to hire technicians is, “Should I include salary in technician job postings?” The quick answer: Absolutely. Shops Not Posting Salary Range are Missing Out on Qualified

Why is There A Shortage of Technicians?

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Article by guest blogger, Josh Laurent. Josh is an industry veteran with proven results, who is passionate about this business. His articles are great learning material and we are happy to share them with our visitors. Enjoy! Over the last few years, I have read countless articles and posts on LinkedIn and other social media

Video for Recruiting is Easy – Get Started Guide for Shops

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Video has become an incredibly important part of recruiting in every industry, and the automotive and diesel industries are no exception. In fact, in a recent WrenchWay Insiders poll question, 85% of technicians say they think video helps them to determine if a shop is a good fit for them. Unfortunately, the automotive and diesel

Need to Hire Mechanics? Get More Applicants By Recruiting Passive Candidates

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Dealerships and shops are having a hell of a time trying to find technicians to hire. Not only are we working against a national technician shortage, but less than 5% of technicians are actively looking for jobs. For many of the dealerships and shops we talk to, the bulk of their recruiting strategy revolves around

How Shops Should Approach Technicians on Reverse Job Posts

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It’s been about two months since we announced the release of Reverse Job Posts, a new way for shops to find technicians looking for work. Reverse Job Posts flip the traditional job board around: Technicians fill out a short questionnaire outlining their skill set and what they’re looking for in a shop. No resume needed.

2021 Technician & Mechanic Statistics & Infographic: Recruiting, Training, Job Satisfaction, & More

2021-11-17T14:52:56-05:00By |Shop Management, Technician Recruiting|

The technician shortage is no joke. By 2024, there will be a shortage of approximately 642,000 technicians (automotive, diesel, and collision) in the industry. But what can shops be doing to improve the trade so that more people want to enter the industry and less people want to leave? The key to answering these very

3 Shops Taking Technician Recruiting to the Next Level

2021-09-10T09:22:58-05:00By |Technician Recruiting|

It’s no secret — recruiting technicians in today’s market is brutal for shops and dealerships. Nearly every shop is hiring, making it incredibly difficult to stand out to technicians as a place they want to work at. WrenchWay has worked with shops across the country in the automotive, diesel, and collision repair industries to help

How Shops Can Use Video to Recruit Technicians

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How are you going to get your repair shop to stand out from other shops hiring technicians? Technicians are getting tired of seeing the same information in every shop's job posting. One way you can stand out from all the other shops is by including videos to help attract the right technicians. Before we get

29+ Places to Help You Find Automotive Technicians

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Across the industry, shops are feeling the effects of the technician shortage. Finding good, qualified technicians is many shops' first priority, but how do they find them? Thankfully there isn’t a shortage of places for your shop or dealership to post and advertise your open technician positions! Time to Get Noticed — Where to

15 Tips for Writing an Effective Automotive Technician Job Posting

2021-09-10T09:24:26-05:00By |Technician Recruiting|

We know that finding qualified technicians is not always an easy job. This is why it is so important for shops to create a job posting that is effective at attracting the right technicians. We’ve identified some of the common errors, and came up with 15 tips on how you can write an effective automotive

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