Technician Retention is Crucial – Learn How to Prevent Turnover at Your Shop

2021-11-10T13:10:22-05:00By |Shop Management|

“My shop needs techs!” ...Seems like this is something every shop owner and/or manager is saying these days. Turnover rates for the industry are unsustainably high. The automotive industry has a mechanic turnover rate of 46%. According to Forbes, this is just the beginning of the rise in employee turnover. A “Turnover Tsunami” is on

11 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Technician

2021-11-01T15:48:14-05:00By |Shop Management|

When becoming a technician, you probably have a general idea what it is going to be like. But, what are the things nobody tells you about before starting in the automotive industry? We’ve been interviewing technicians for our Technician Spotlight blog series. We compiled a list based on the top things they wish they would’ve

Why Automotive Skills Need to Be Taught in High School

2021-11-17T14:52:36-05:00By |Shop Management|

Answer this for me: Why are culinary classes offered, even required, in most high schools, but a basic automotive course isn’t? Eating is essential for survival, but don’t most people rely on their cars for transportation to get to their job that pays for that food? We rely on cars so much these days to

How Schools Can Attract More Females to Technician Programs

2021-11-17T14:52:37-05:00By |Shop Management|

Walk into any service center and you’ll see the vast majority of technicians are male. In fact, a study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2020 found that only 9% of all automotive technicians in the United States are women. While this is a 7% improvement from 2018 (which is huge), we still

2021 Technician & Mechanic Statistics & Infographic: Recruiting, Training, Job Satisfaction, & More

2021-11-17T14:52:56-05:00By |Shop Management, Technician Recruiting|

The technician shortage is no joke. By 2024, there will be a shortage of approximately 642,000 technicians (automotive, diesel, and collision) in the industry. But what can shops be doing to improve the trade so that more people want to enter the industry and less people want to leave? The key to answering these very

How Your Shop Can Help Schools Train Technicians

2021-11-17T14:52:38-05:00By |Shop Management|

Imagine being a young adult again — training in school to become a technician. All those years tinkering with “toys” in the garage have paid off because now you get to do it as a career. You enroll in your local automotive training program and begin your dream of owning your own shop. After some

Shop Owners, Pay Technicians What They Deserve (and Here’s How)

2021-11-17T14:52:57-05:00By |Shop Management|

Shop owners, when you hire technicians, are you thinking about their long-term future at your shop, or are you thinking about what you can get out of them right now? Do you look past the technician and think about how you are supporting their ability to help take care of their family? You have to

How Technology Attracts Top Technicians

2021-03-17T11:12:04-05:00By |Shop Management|

Your shop's efficiency is determined by the technology that automates your processes and the skilled technicians that fix your customers’ cars. A talented technician has their pick when it comes to finding an auto shop to hub their craft. The infamous question remains: How can you get the best local talent to choose your shop

Paint a Career Path for Technicians

2021-11-17T14:52:38-05:00By |Shop Management|

It became really clear during TechMission that technicians are desperate for their employers to understand that they want a plan for their future. I think it’s pretty common for any employee to put a lot of value into having a career path laid out for them, but it does feel like technicians often get the

How to Create a Career Development Plan for Technicians

2021-11-17T14:52:38-05:00By |Shop Management|

One of the biggest complaints we hear from technicians is they are often frustrated with their employers because they don’t provide a clear path for career growth. According to LiveCareer, 45% of millennials say a job that accelerates their career development is “very important” to them, compared to 31% of Gen Xers and 18% of

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