Short Guide to Technician Onboarding

We know creating a successful onboarding program can be difficult. A Gallup study showed that while only 12 percent of employees feel their company did a great job with onboarding, those employees were nearly three times as likely to say they have the best possible job. A great onboarding program requires the following: Advanced planning

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Thinking About Promoting a Technician to Supervisor? Here’s What You Need to Consider

This article was originally published on the Fullbay blog. There’s no doubt about it—promoting leaders from within is great for a shop. It contributes to greater productivity, employee buy-in, and retention. However, as many already know, the best technicians don’t always make the best supervisors. In this article, we will cover: How to identify signs

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Importance of a Good Technician Onboarding Process for Shops

*Image courtesy of WrenchWay Top Shop - Silverdale Autoworks Most shops think they have a good onboarding process in place for technicians. However, according to a WrenchWay Insiders poll, 92% of technicians said their shop’s onboarding process was average at best, with over half rating the process as below average or worse. Here is why

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3 Facts the State of Heavy-Duty Repair Taught Us About the Parts & Technician Shortages

There’s no question about it: the diesel industry is facing some shortages. As a whole, we’ve spent the last few years trying to attract more technicians; since the pandemic began in 2020, we’ve also seen parts start coming up short. These shortages influenced the way we put together the newest edition of our State of

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6 Ways Top Shops Work with Schools and Students

If shops are waiting until graduation to reach out to schools, it’s already too late. Shops need to make it a priority to get involved as soon as possible, and continue building relationships and stay involved in schools. Ask schools what they need to make their program successful, and be a resource to help the

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Leadership Friction – The Technician/Manager Relationship

A common quote shared amongst the business community is that “people leave managers, not companies.” In a world where the competitive landscape surrounding the current technician market is at an all time high, this quote should resonate with shops as much as, if not more than, any other industry. While a number of other factors

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Flat Rate is DEAD as We Know It (Kind Of)

One of the most debated subjects in the automotive, diesel, and heavy-equipment industries is pay plans for technicians. Some techs feel like they are getting ripped off by an outdated pay plan while others feel like there is opportunity to put some extra cash in their pockets. Shop owners and managers struggle to find the

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What Makes Technician Recruiting Successful? Find Your Champion

Shops and dealerships know they need to be doing more to recruit technicians, but their recruiting strategies often fall flat. The truth is the best recruiting strategies in the world will not be successful without a champion. What is a Champion? A champion is a person who takes ownership and leads a project or initiative

Need Technicians? Create an Employee Referral Program

When you are looking for a new employee, where is your first spot to start looking? Job boards? Recruiters? You already know what you are looking for: a well trained, hard working, quality employee. Do you already have one of those? Guess what? Normally employees have friends that are just like them! Employee referral programs

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How Shops Can Use Employer Marketing to Recruit Technicians

Recruiting technicians is difficult when everyone is hiring. It’s time for shops and dealerships to think about recruiting differently. Recruiting is more than just posting on job boards. At WrenchWay, we work with shops and dealerships across the country, and we know the shops who are successfully recruiting technicians in today’s challenging market are fully

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