Shop Owners, Pay Technicians What They Deserve (and Here’s How)

2021-11-17T14:52:57-05:00By |Shop Management|

Shop owners, when you hire technicians, are you thinking about their long-term future at your shop, or are you thinking about what you can get out of them right now? Do you look past the technician and think about how you are supporting their ability to help take care of their family? You have to

How Technology Attracts Top Technicians

2021-03-17T11:12:04-05:00By |Shop Management|

Your shop's efficiency is determined by the technology that automates your processes and the skilled technicians that fix your customers’ cars. A talented technician has their pick when it comes to finding an auto shop to hub their craft. The infamous question remains: How can you get the best local talent to choose your shop

Paint a Career Path for Technicians

2021-11-17T14:52:38-05:00By |Shop Management|

It became really clear during TechMission that technicians are desperate for their employers to understand that they want a plan for their future. I think it’s pretty common for any employee to put a lot of value into having a career path laid out for them, but it does feel like technicians often get the

How to Create a Career Development Plan for Technicians

2021-12-22T14:30:49-05:00By |Shop Management|

One of the biggest complaints we hear from technicians is they are often frustrated with their employers because they don’t provide a clear path for career growth. According to LiveCareer, 45% of millennials say a job that accelerates their career development is “very important” to them, compared to 31% of Gen Xers and 18% of

How to Create a Technician Compensation Plan in Five Simple Steps

2021-11-17T14:52:57-05:00By |Shop Management|

I’ve shared some basic tips shops should follow as they're looking to create a benefits package for technicians. Let’s pull it all together for something that can be used to create a competitive compensation package that attracts and retains great talent. 5 Steps to Creating a Technician Compensation Package 1. It is All About Culture

Technician Compensation Plan: Choosing the Right Plan For Your Techs

2021-12-22T14:36:29-05:00By |Shop Management|

Good help is hard to find. Many shops make it harder because they fail to understand the value top talent brings to their business. My brother, who was a diesel technician and now manages the shop he works in can tell you what it's like to get help. It's damn near impossible. COVID-19 has many

Why Don’t Shops Allow Technicians to Do Side Work?

2021-09-10T09:27:21-05:00By |Shop Management|

Have you ever thought about why a shop is against you doing work outside of normal business hours? Not every shop has this policy but there are a good majority of shops who don’t like or understand why a technician would do side work. This is obviously a hot topic of discussion. Technicians want the

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