New at WrenchWay: School Connect & Activity Tracker

2021-04-19T14:10:44-05:00By |Beyond the Wrench|

Episode Description This week, Mark Wilson, Co-Founder & CEO of WrenchWay, joins us again to discuss what’s new with WrenchWay. We discuss the new School Connect tool that allows schools to connect with local shops, and the new activity tracker that allows shops to always be recruiting. Watch the Episode About Our Host: Jay Goninen

Successful Community Effort to Impact Tech Shortage

2021-04-12T16:07:48-05:00By |Beyond the Wrench|

Episode Description On today’s episode, we’re talking with Sue Dickson, Owner & Operator of Closs Tire & Auto, and Jack Wilson, Auto Service Instructor at Lake County Tech Campus, to learn about how their local community has worked together to successfully make an impact on the technician shortage. Watch the Episode About Our Host: Jay

Sitting Down with Jim Mathis, Owner & CEO, WyoTech

2021-04-05T12:32:55-05:00By |Beyond the Wrench|

Episode Description On this week’s episode, we have an intimate discussion with Jim Mathis, Owner & CEO of WyoTech, about his history and how he came to lead WyoTech. Watch the Episode About Our Host: Jay Goninen President, WrenchWay & Find A Wrench | 608.512.7330 About Our Guest: Jim Mathis Owner & CEO, WyoTech

Working as a Technician – Favorite Part About the Job

2021-03-31T09:21:24-05:00By |Beyond the Wrench|

In this episode of WrenchWay Weekly, we discuss technicians’ favorite part of their job. Watch the full episode, or review the episode highlights below. Why Technicians Love the Industry A recent WrenchWay Insiders poll asked, “What do you love about working in the industry?” Let’s review the responses: Working with my hands: 40% Critical thinking:

Technician Recruitment

2021-03-29T09:30:12-05:00By |Beyond the Wrench|

Episode Description Steve Hamre, National Technician Recruiting Manager for Lithia Motors, joins us for an engaging conversation about the value in technician career development, attracting more young people to skilled trades, and resumes tips for technicians. Watch the Episode About Our Host: Jay Goninen President, WrenchWay & Find A Wrench | 608.512.7330 About Our

Developing Your Career as a Technician

2021-03-23T08:15:10-05:00By |Beyond the Wrench|

Episode Description We’re diving into technician career development with Josh Masser, Service Manager, Vinny’s Towing and Recovery. Josh shares his experience as a technician and working his way through the industry, and we discuss a variety of topics, including: the importance of good leadership, on-the-job training, tools, and more. Watch the Episode About Our Host:

How Dealerships Can Attract More Service Customers Online

2021-03-15T14:40:08-05:00By |Beyond the Wrench|

Episode Description Today, we’re excited to welcome Russell Hill to the podcast. Russell is the Managing Partner at FixedOPS Marketing, which helps car dealerships market their fixed ops departments. In this episode, we discuss how dealerships can improve their websites to attract new service customers. Watch the Episode About Our Host: Jay Goninen President, WrenchWay

Advances in the Automotive Industry & Technician Training

2021-03-09T10:26:08-05:00By |Beyond the Wrench|

Episode Description This week, we welcome Carolyn Coquillette to the podcast. Carolyn is the Founder & CEO of Shop-Ware, and the Owner of Luscious Garage which specializes in hybrid repairs. Listen in as we discuss advances in the automotive industry and technician training — particularly around hybrid and electric vehicles. Watch the Episode About Our

What It’s Like to Be a Mobile Technician

2021-03-08T15:35:36-05:00By |Beyond the Wrench|

Episode Description Ever wonder what a day in the life of a mobile technician looks like? On this week’s episode, we’re talking with Andrew Sneed, Lead Technician for RepairSmith. Andrew tells us all about what it’s like to be a mobile technician, including benefits, unique challenges, and the skills that make a great mobile tech.

How to Evaluate Credit Card Processors

2021-02-23T10:30:26-05:00By |Beyond the Wrench|

Episode Description Today we’re talking with Carly Roiniotis from Wind River Financial about a very important topic for all shop owners and managers: evaluating credit card processors. In this episode, we discuss different types of providers, how to evaluate providers and why it’s important, and more. Tune in and don’t forget to subscribe and rate

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