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Valerie (Val) Klein is a Marketing Specialist at WrenchWay. Val graduated with a bachelor's degree in marketing from Saginaw Valley State University in 2019. She started her career assisting with the marketing and events for a construction training academy in Michigan. There she began to work with the passionate men and women in the skilled trades industry which sparked Val’s interest in “blue collar” marketing. Her background, creativity, and spunky personality has made her a great fit in WrenchWay’s promotions in helping solve the technician shortage. In her spare time, Val enjoys binging the latest Netflix show, painting, walking her dog, and hanging out with family and friends!

4 Examples of Top Shops Talking About Employee Recognition

Although we are wrapping up our September Topic of the Month, Technician Recognition, Top Shops continue to promote and improve their amazing technician recognition benefits through our Shop Talk feed. It is great to see more and more videos being posted every day from shops across the country. Our Shop Talk feed has truly evolved

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3 Ways Top Shops & Dealerships Structure Tool Programs for Technicians

As we finish off our August Topic of the Month, Technician Tool Programs, we want to thank everyone who attended our roundtable, read our blogs and guides, and/or participated in any way to help get this important conversation going. Special shout out to all the WrenchWay Top Shops that created a Shop Talk video talking

WrenchWay to Start Weekly $1,000 Giveaways to Technicians & High Schools

Our goal at WrenchWay is to help promote and improve technician careers. We work hard to not only help shops attract technicians, but also to help schools improve their technician programs. As the new school year kicks off, we are excited to announce that we will be doing weekly giveaways—putting extra cash into the hands

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How Technicians Can Get the Most Out of Mentorships

Mentors have the power to positively influence a technician’s career and life. Mentors can help mentees increase their leadership skills, job satisfaction, and more. In fact, 97% of people with a mentor feel they are highly impactful and valuable (Sage.com). Having a mentor can be a very positive experience, but as a mentee, you must

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6 Ways Schools Can Promote & Use Their Top Schools Page

WrenchWay Top Schools was designed specifically for post-secondary auto, diesel, and collision technician programs to give an in-depth look at what they can offer to potential students. All on one page, students can learn about a program’s costs, faculty, lab projects, see photos and videos of the classroom and shop areas, and more. With Top

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WrenchWay’s Free Solutions for Post-Secondary Schools

At WrenchWay, our mission is to improve and promote technician careers—and a major part of that involves working with schools. For post-secondary schools, we have created a number of tools to help them improve and promote their technician programs by: Attracting more students to their program Connecting with more local shops and dealerships Helping them

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Lithia Motors Finds Success with Reverse Job Posts

It was such a pleasure sitting down with Steve Hamre, National Automotive Technician Recruiting Manager at Lithia Motors, Inc., to discuss how they recently hired a technician at their dealership in Bryan, TX using WrenchWay Reverse Job Posts. Not only did Steve talk about his team's experience with the platform, but he also shared some

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Importance of a Good Technician Onboarding Process for Shops

*Image courtesy of WrenchWay Top Shop - Silverdale Autoworks Most shops think they have a good onboarding process in place for technicians. However, according to a WrenchWay Insiders poll, 92% of technicians said their shop’s onboarding process was average at best, with over half rating the process as below average or worse. Here is why

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19+ Unspoken Rules of the Shop for New Technicians

*Image courtesy of Baierl Ford’s WrenchWay Top Shop page. No one wants to be “that guy” or “that girl” in the shop. New technicians starting out are wondering what unspoken shop rules to follow in order to stay on the good side of their fellow technicians and management. We asked our shop and technician contacts

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