WrenchWay Reaches 100+ Schools on the New School Connect Platform

2021-03-26T14:05:19-05:00By |News|

In a little over one month since it launched, WrenchWay is excited to announce they now have over 100 schools, and over 1,000 shops and dealerships using the new School Connect platform. WrenchWay School Connect is a free tool that makes it easier for schools to get the resources they need to attract more young

March WrenchWay Roundtable Recap: Women in Wrenching

2021-04-16T11:40:39-05:00By |News|

This week, we hosted our monthly WrenchWay Roundtable. This month’s topic was “Women in Wrenching: How Do We Attract More Women to the Industry?” The full recording is available below and on WrenchWay’s YouTube channel, which we highly recommend watching. We’ve also included highlights of the event below. About Our Moderator and Panelists Christen Battaglia

Upcoming Roundtable: How Can We Attract More Women to the Industry?

2021-03-10T17:07:00-05:00By |News|

Take a look at almost any service center in the country and one thing is blatantly obvious — men outnumber women by a landslide. But, why is that? What can schools, shops, and dealerships be doing to make the industry more attractive to women? On Wednesday, March 24, 2021 at 7pm CT we are bringing

Technician Career Trajectory Survey: Invitation to Participate

2021-03-04T09:56:10-05:00By |News|

WrenchWay and RepairSmith are conducting research to gain insights on the career trajectory of technicians, and inviting everyone who is currently employed as a technician to participate. Understanding the career satisfaction, access to resources, and future outlook of technicians and presenting this data back to the industry is critical in order to solve the growing

Customer Spotlight: How Lithia Motors Boosts Technician Recruiting Efforts with WrenchWay

2021-03-10T16:22:35-05:00By |News|

Recruiting technicians for Lithia Motors, Inc. is no small job. With 211 locations and growing, Lithia employs more than 3000 technicians. I recently got the opportunity to sit down with Steve Hamre, National Technician Recruiting Manager for Lithia Motors, to learn more about how his team uses WrenchWay Top Shop pages to enhance their recruiting

February WrenchWay Roundtable Recap: Why Shops Need to Focus on Technician Career Development

2021-02-26T13:06:51-05:00By |News|

We recently hosted our second WrenchWay Roundtable discussion where we discussed why shops and dealerships need to focus on technician career development. Our panelists included: Tim Winkeler, President & CEO, VIP Tires & Service Jim Bennett, Director of Technical Training & Development, ATI, and Owner of CarMasters Automotive Jake Schaefer, Service & Parts Director, Smart

Don’t Miss Our Upcoming Roundtable on Technician Career Development

2021-02-17T15:31:49-05:00By |News|

One of the biggest complaints we hear from technicians is they are often frustrated with not having a clear path for career growth in a shop. As career development becomes more important to technicians, it is critical that shops and dealerships make this a priority. On Wednesday, February 24, 2021 at 7pm CT, we will

WrenchWay School Connect: Free Tool Helps Schools Connect with Local Shops & Dealerships

2021-04-16T11:41:16-05:00By |News|

We're excited to announce the release of our new product to help high schools and post-secondary schools with technician programs connect with local shops and dealerships. WrenchWay School Connect is a free tool that makes it easier for schools to get the resources they need to attract more young students to technician programs and educate

January WrenchWay Roundtable Recap: How Shops & Schools Can Get More Students Into the Industry

2021-04-16T11:42:29-05:00By |News|

Last week, we hosted our first ever WrenchWay Roundtable event. This was a free virtual event where we brought in a diverse group of five panelists together to discuss how shops and schools can work together to get more students entering the industry. Our panelists included: Steve Hamre, National Technician Recruiting Manager, Lithia Motors, Inc.

Webinar: Why Most Shops & Dealerships Fail at Recruiting Technicians

2021-01-06T11:21:00-05:00By |News|

Happy New Year! We've got a lot of amazing things coming your way this year. Something we plan on bringing you a lot more of is a lot more virtual roundtables and webinars. (All of which will be free, of course!) We'll be kicking off our year of amazing events with a webinar next week.

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