Webinar: Why Most Shops & Dealerships Fail at Recruiting Technicians

2021-01-06T11:21:00-05:00By |News|

Happy New Year! We've got a lot of amazing things coming your way this year. Something we plan on bringing you a lot more of is a lot more virtual roundtables and webinars. (All of which will be free, of course!) We'll be kicking off our year of amazing events with a webinar next week.

5 Most Popular WrenchWay Blog Articles of 2020

2020-12-29T10:04:06-05:00By |News|

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a year for the books. It may not have been easy, but we’ve pulled through and we’re looking forward to 2021. Even though we really only launched the WrenchWay blog six months ago, we wanted to take a look back at the most popular WrenchWay blog

WrenchWay Launches WrenchWay Insiders Mobile App for Technicians

2020-12-02T13:04:48-05:00By |News|

We're excited to officially announce the release our new mobile app called WrenchWay Insiders. The WrenchWay Insiders app gives technicians, services advisors and managers, and other professionals in the automotive and diesel service industries the opportunity to provide feedback on various topics to help improve the industry. Jay Goninen, President of WrenchWay explains, “Not only

WrenchWay Roundtables – Improving the Industry to Combat the Technician Shortage

2020-11-24T15:54:29-05:00By |News|

In October 2020, we hosted our first ever virtual event called TechMission. Our goal was to bring together technicians, shops, dealerships, and schools to discuss: How we can attract more technicians into the industry Recruit and retain existing technicians Improve the overall perception of the industry Overall, TechMission was a huge success. We covered so

WrenchWay Launches Preferred Partners Program

2020-08-12T13:56:39-05:00By |News|

At WrenchWay, we work with a lot of different shops and dealerships to help give them a better way to sell their shop as a great place to work to technicians and attract the right techs to apply for their open positions. It is our goal to help make these shops and dealerships as successful

Technicians: We Want Your Feedback on WrenchWay

2020-08-10T15:55:23-05:00By |News|

In May, we launched a beta version of WrenchWay. Our goal with WrenchWay is to make it easier for technicians to find great shops to work at, and to give shops a better way to show off their shop to techs. Job postings all look the same, and never provide enough information to give technicians

WrenchWay Weekly – Sharing the Voice of Technicians

2020-08-03T20:44:23-05:00By |News|

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new video series, WrenchWay Weekly! Our goal with WrenchWay Weekly is to discuss hot industry topics — sharing our expertise and bring the voice of technicians to the forefront — to better educate shops and dealerships, and improve the industry for existing and future technicians. Our first

WrenchWay Recognizes Dobbs Tire & Auto Center as the First Top Shop in St. Louis

2020-07-09T18:10:08-05:00By |News|

Dobbs Tire & Auto Center became the first shop to be recognized as a top shop in the St. Louis area on WrenchWay. Dobbs Tire & Auto Center has been family-owned and operated since its founding in 1976. Dobbs operates 40 retail tire and automotive service centers in the St. Louis and surrounding areas with

Madison Area Shops are Changing the Technician Job Search with WrenchWay

2020-07-09T19:36:50-05:00By |News|

We recently listed Madison as one of our Featured Cities. With nine local shops listed so far (and more profiles in the works), these early adopters of WrenchWay are actively working to help improve the job search process for technicians in the Madison area. Madison area top shops on WrenchWay include: Aeschbach Automotive (Middleton) Dan’s

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