T-Shirt Giveaway: Refer Your Auto & Diesel Industry Friends to WrenchWay

What better way to kick off the warmer seasons than to give away some t-shirts?! Help us grow by referring technicians, service advisors, and students to WrenchWay. Simply have them use your referral code when they create their free WrenchWay account. The more people you refer, the more t-shirts you earn: Refer 7 people, earn

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WrenchWay Schedules 1st Round of Local Chapter Meetings

WrenchWay has scheduled the first meetings for their Local Chapters. The Local Chapter meetings will run much like an advisory committee meeting, except with multiple schools and shops coming together to discuss where they can support one another more. Topics for the meetings include: Review open requests from schools on WrenchWay School Connect Discuss what

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WrenchWay to Launch Local Chapters Across the U.S.

WrenchWay is excited to announce that we will launch Local Chapters across the country starting in 11 cities starting in April! WrenchWay Local Chapters bring together the best shops and dealerships with schools, technicians, and other industry professionals in cities across the country with the goal of promoting and improving careers in the automotive and

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Top 5 Episodes of Beyond the Wrench in 2022

Thank you to everyone who has been a supporter of the Beyond the Wrench podcast over the last couple of years! To celebrate another successful year, we are looking at our top episodes of 2022. Enjoy! 5 Most Popular Beyond the Wrench Podcast Episodes in 2022 1. Hiring High-Performance People ft. Trip Bruce, Halmar Friesen

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5 Most Popular Automotive & Diesel Blog Articles of 2022

365 days… Over 160 blog articles… Holy moly, what a year! We compiled a list of the articles on our blog that you loved the most this past year. Enjoy! Top 5 Articles of 2022: What Shops, Dealers, & Technicians Care About 19+ Unspoken Rules of the Shop for New Technicians No one wants to

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TechMission 2022 Recap: Promote and Improve Technician Careers

Last week, we hosted our third annual TechMission event. We want to give a HUGE shout-out to all our panelists, moderators, sponsors, and attendees. Without your support, we wouldn't be able to host an event like this. This year, our theme was “Promote and Improve Technician Careers.” We know how amazing this industry is and

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WrenchWay Product Update – October 2022

Reverse Job Posts Now Available on Browser Reverse Job Posts have been available for a while on the free WrenchWay mobile app. Now, technicians can also create Reverse Job Posts on the WrenchWay website. Check out Reverse Job Posts on WrenchWay.com About Reverse Job Posts Reverse Job Posts flip the traditional job board around. With

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WrenchWay Launches Game to Give Away $1,000 Weekly to Technicians & High School Tech Programs

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new weekly game called The Loneliest Number where we will be giving away $500 a week to a technician and $500 to the high school tech program of the technician’s choice. How It Works Each week, we post poll questions on Shop Talk seeking feedback from technicians,

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WrenchWay September Topic of the Month: Technician Recognition

Employee recognition may seem like an obvious strategy when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent, yet few shops do a great job of it. Join us in promoting and improving technician recognition efforts in service centers throughout the entire month of September. Here’s What’s on the Agenda for September Roundtable: Technician Recognition: Creating

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TechMission 2022 Virtual Event: Promote & Improve Technician Careers

We are incredibly excited to be hosting the third annual TechMission virtual event coming October 19-20, 2022! TechMission brings together technicians, shop owners and managers, and fixed ops directors to discuss how we can work together to promote and improve technician careers. This year’s sessions will ignite and challenge shops to actually take action—working with

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