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About Kate Beirowski

Kate Beirowski received her master’s of organizational change leadership from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville. She began her career at Schneider National where she played a variety of roles from sales, training and curriculum development, and finally a sales operations manager. From there Kate grew her passion for sales and began to lead the WrenchWay sales team. Her passion for growth and her competitive attitude really have allowed Kate to create meaningful relationships with auto, diesel, and collision shops across the country.

Need Technicians? Create an Employee Referral Program

When you are looking for a new employee, where is your first spot to start looking? Job boards? Recruiters? You already know what you are looking for: a well trained, hard working, quality employee. Do you already have one of those? Guess what? Normally employees have friends that are just like them! Employee referral programs

2022-07-19T11:35:21-05:00By |Shop Management|

The Challenges of Recruiting Diesel Technicians

Why is it so hard to recruit diesel technicians? Technicians are hard to find, job requirements vary greatly, and there are simply just not enough of qualified techs. This isn’t just traditional recruiting; this is try everything we’ve ever tried before and do it every single day 2x a day! I’m exaggerating a little bit,

2021-12-15T13:33:59-05:00By |Technician Recruiting|

Why Technicians Hate Job Boards

Job boards suck. The typical technician job posting on any given job board will undoubtedly have the following: A blanket statement about how amazing a shop is, yet say nothing truly unique about the shop A list of job duties that sound way more glamorous than what they really are A very wide salary range

2022-09-16T13:53:51-05:00By |Technician Recruiting|
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