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Jay Goninen is the Co-Founder & President of WrenchWay. Jay started working in his family’s independent repair shop at the age of nine, and has worked in the industry ever since. Jay started his professional career as a technician, and then moved into management roles within the automotive and diesel industries. Jay is also the host of the Beyond the Wrench podcast.

Leadership Friction – The Technician/Manager Relationship

A common quote shared amongst the business community is that “people leave managers, not companies.” In a world where the competitive landscape surrounding the current technician market is at an all time high, this quote should resonate with shops as much as, if not more than, any other industry. While a number of other factors

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Flat Rate is DEAD as We Know It (Kind Of)

One of the most debated subjects in the automotive, diesel, and heavy-equipment industries is pay plans for technicians. Some techs feel like they are getting ripped off by an outdated pay plan while others feel like there is opportunity to put some extra cash in their pockets. Shop owners and managers struggle to find the

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What to Do When Technicians Want More Than You’re Paying

We often get into conversations where a shop owner or manager is frustrated because a technician they really want to hire is asking for more money than what they are paying others in the shop. It’s About More Than Just Salary When digging deeper, we generally find that there is more to the problem than

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Protect Your Tools: Tragedy Sparks Conversation About Tool Insurance

Recently, I made a visit to the northwoods of Wisconsin. If you’ve never been, I’d highly recommend making the trip, especially during the fall as it is absolutely gorgeous. I typically love my visits to northern Wisconsin as it provides some level of peacefulness and a decent cruising trail. This visit was different though. I

Paint a Career Path for Technicians

It became really clear during TechMission that technicians are desperate for their employers to understand that they want a plan for their future. I think it’s pretty common for any employee to put a lot of value into having a career path laid out for them, but it does feel like technicians often get the

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Why It Take Shops Forever to Respond to Techs For a Job

Applying for a new job can be a really stressful process to go through. You find a shop that looks great, fits what you want and seems almost too good to be true. After reading through all of their perks and benefits, you are pumped to get started. Excitedly, you fill out an application and

What to Wear For a Technician or Mechanic Job Interview

A question we get fairly often is asking what a technician should wear to a job interview. From a technician's standpoint, the first thing that you need to understand is that there isn't an exact answer to this. Based on the various Facebook groups I look through, lots of people seem to have their opinions

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Why Don’t Shops Allow Technicians to Do Side Work?

Have you ever thought about why a shop is against you doing work outside of normal business hours? Not every shop has this policy but there are a good majority of shops who don’t like or understand why a technician would do side work. This is obviously a hot topic of discussion. Technicians want the

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