As we wrap up another great year of the Beyond the Wrench podcast, we wanted to share our top five most popular episodes of 2021. It was a close race between the podcast episodes as we have continued to exceed expectations for this podcast! Thank you for a great 2021, and we can’t wait to show you what is in store for Beyond the Wrench in 2022.

Top 5 Beyond the Wrench Episodes of 2021

How Technicians Can Develop Strong Habits ft. Darin Damron, Jasper Engines & Transmissions

Our number one podcast of 2021 featured Darin Damron, SE Regional Vice President, Jasper Engines & Transmissions. It’s important for technicians to create strong habits right from the beginning. Darin provided us with great motivational insight on how to develop strong habits, stay consistent with your habits, and how to build healthy habits.

“Make no excuses. Once you make one excuse, you will continue to find more.”
Darin Damron, SE Regional Vice President, Jasper Engines & Transmissions

Building a Strong Process as a Shop Owner ft. Robert Blaes, Stang Auto Tech

Next, we were joined by Robert Blaes, Owner, Stang Auto Tech. Robert shared with us how shops can find their mission and implement new ideas. Robert does an excellent job promoting his shop’s mission throughout the entire company. Robert gives great insight on the importance of hiring the right person and building a strong process.

“As a leader, it is your responsibility to have a vision, come up with a plan, and communicate how everybody is going to get there.”
Robert Blaes, Owner, Stang Auto Tech

The Relationship Between Parts and Service ft. Kaylee Felio, Parts Edge

We sat down with Kaylee Felio, Sales and Marketing Manager, PartsEdge to discuss the relationship between parts and service. Creating a relationship between the parts and service department is critical for a shop’s overall success. We talk about what technicians need to understand about parts managers, the importance of inventory management, and learning people’s personalities.

“Have technicians shadow parts managers and vice versa. This allows them to see what they do on a daily basis and gives them more of an understanding of their job.”
Kaylee Felio, Sales and Marketing Manager, PartsEdge

The Future of the Automotive Industry ft. Scott Brown, Diagnostic Network

Coming in at number four we have Scott Brown, Industry Ambassador at Diagnostic Network. We discussed what the future holds for the automotive industry, and how technology is changing the way technicians work on vehicles. We discuss the importance of ADAS, the functionality of new tools, and how to teach without overwhelming new technicians.

“Having a keen sense of how to leverage the technology that’s in the vehicle and using the right tools at the right time is really where the key to success is.”
Scott Brown, Industry Ambassador at Diagnostic Network

Why Technicians are Leaving the Industry ft. Matt Fanslow, Bob Higgins, & Lunden Herndon

Last, but certainly not least we have our fifth most popular episode. We sat down with three former technicians about struggles they experienced working as technicians. It was very interesting to hear about technician’s struggles from three different perspectives. They go on to discuss why they think techs are leaving the industry, and actions shops can take to boost technician retention.

“The industry has given me a skill set that is really unrivaled in a lot of aspects, like I don’t have any trepidation now at all about really approaching any type of project.”
Lunden Herndon, Automotive Technician, Rob’s Automotive & Exhaust