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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we are joined by Scott Brown, Industry Ambassador at Diagnostic Network, to discuss what the future holds for the automotive industry. We discuss the importance of ADAS, the functionality of new tools, how to teach without overwhelming new technicians, and much more!

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What the Future Holds for the Automotive Industry

  • Cars are getting more advanced with technology and computers everyday.
  • Battery electric cars are somewhat more simplified, but can look complex due to the different technologies.
  • The future of battery electric cars is only going to continue to grow with the advancements of technology.
  • We need technicians to start thinking like software engineers because that is the path we are headed towards.
  • Shops need to recognize the new platforms are software-driven.

Understanding the Importance of a Scope

  • There is a very small percentage of technicians that are proficient and comfortable using a scope.
  • Technicians have a lot of hesitancy because there are a lot of unknowns that come with using a scope.
  • If you’re highly proficient using a scope, you’re well equipped to handle challenges coming at you in the future.
  • It’s important for shops to educate themselves on how to use a scope and continue to learn and push their knowledge everyday.
  • The scope is a great resource, but the key is knowing how and when to use it properly.

“Having a keen sense of how to leverage the technology that’s in the vehicle and using the right tools at the right time is really where the key to success is.”

Scott Brown, Industry Ambassador at Diagnostic Network

The Importance of ADAS

  • Ensure technicians know how to fix these automatic systems and create a plan for them to follow to know if they’re operational.
  • We need to make sure technicians are completely aware of the equipment on the vehicles they are servicing.
  • Ensure technicians are covering all bases and performing the right services and checking all safety systems.
  • When teaching a new tech ADAS, it comes down to keeping our customers safe and our business fine tuned.

The Functionality of New Tools

  • Training should be done internally and externally. Management should create a syllabus of what they want each technician to learn.
  • Technicians need to learn and get to know people that have more knowledge than them in the shop. That’s how they can expand their skill sets.
  • Technicians need to see how other techs are using tools and learn from that. They could be using a tool in a new way you never thought of.

How to Teach Without Overwhelming New Technicians

  • Shops need to understand that the customer’s vehicle being properly serviced is the first point of order. At first, new technicians will need a high level of supervision.
  • Have managers create a checklist for before, during, and after the repair to ensure operation is done properly and then it can be signed off on.
  • The last thing you want to do with a new technician is create bad habits or short cuts that could compromise future vehicles right off the bat. Teach them properly.
  • Establish processes inside your facility around service operations that will help to minimize risk of a negative outcome.
  • Don’t use fear to teach new techs. Instead, guide them in the correct way to approach problems within a vehicle.

Technicians are Lifetime Learners

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