Wow, where the heck did 2020 go? It feels like just yesterday we were launching our Beyond the Wrench podcast during the start of what has turned out to be the craziest year of our lives.

Given the tumultuous times, we started out the Beyond the Wrench podcast with frequent, uncut episodes talking with shop owners and industry professionals to find out how their lives were being affected by COVID-19. We didn’t do this to provide answers, but we wanted to bring the aftermarket together and reassure shop owners and managers that we’re all in this together.

Since then, we’ve been releasing weekly episodes where we bring on industry professionals to share their stories, and offer insights into how shops can improve their business and become more profitable.

Top 4 Beyond the Wrench Episodes of 2020

We wanted to close out year one of the Beyond the Wrench podcast by summarizing our top four most popular episodes.

1. A Different Type of Dealership Culture, Ed Roberts

Episode: 20
Release Date: June 16, 2020
Guest: Ed Roberts, Bozard Ford Lincoln

The guest on our most popular episode should come as no surprise…

…Ed Roberts, Fixed Operations Director at Bozard Ford Lincoln, is an amazing industry leader who has helped develop a culture that drives technician retention. Ed shares how he focuses on culture from the interview to training and beyond to create an amazing team.

Listen to Episode 20

2. Recruiting, Retaining, & Developing Technicians, Brian Sump

Episode: 38
Release Date: November 10, 2020
Guest: Brian Sump, Avalon Motorsports

Recently named Shop Owner of the Year by AAPEX, Brian Sump, Owner of Avalon Motorsports joined us on the podcast in early November. We couldn’t think of a better person to bring on to offer shops some insight not only on how to recruit technicians, but how to retain them as well.

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3. Solution-Based Approach to Tools, Scott Saxton

Episode: 41
Release Date: December 1, 2020
Guest: Scott Saxton, Sonic Tools

Scott Saxton, Director of Sales – North America for Sonic Tools, joined us earlier this month to talk about all things tools-related. Scott discusses the dealership/shop-owned tools model, asset management, financial guidance for new techs, and more.

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4. Coronavirus – The Early Impact on the Aftermarket, Tanner Brandt

Episode: 4
Release Date: March 19, 2020
Guest: Tanner Brandt, Tanner’s Auto Clinic

There is no doubt, shops were in a scary place back in March. Knowing coronavirus was on everyone’s mind, we released a series of uncut episodes covering how shops were being affected by COVID-19.

To kick off our mini-series, we invited Tanner Brandt, Owner of Tanner’s Auto Clinic and Training Manager for Worldpac, to chat with us. Tanner shares what he was seeing happen in the aftermarket during the early days of the pandemic, and what shops can do to help weather the storm.

Listen to Episode 4

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Thank you to everyone who tuned in to Beyond the Wrench in 2020!