2021… What a year!

On the WrenchWay blog, we do our best to deliver helpful content for shop owners, fixed operations professionals, technicians, and schools. In 2021, we published over 140 blog articles! We hope you got a chance to read a few (or all) of them, but in case you missed some, we put together a quick list of the most popular articles published in 2021.


Top 5 WrenchWay Blog Articles of 2021

1. Why is There a Shortage of Technicians

Josh Laurent, who has worked with over 75 dealerships over the course of his career, shares his perspective on why the industry is facing a shortage of technicians. He outlines four key issues he has seen in just about every dealership he has worked with and consulted for.

2. 2021 Technician & Mechanic Statistics & Infographic: Recruiting, Training, Job Satisfaction, & More

Over the last year, we have gathered feedback from technicians in the WrenchWay mobile app as a part of our WrenchWay Insiders program. To help shop owners and industry professionals better understand technician satisfaction and views, we compiled the data into this article and infographic.

3. Customer Spotlight: How Lithia Motors Boosts Technician Recruiting Efforts with WrenchWay

Recruiting technicians for Lithia Motors, Inc. is no small job. With 211 locations and growing, Lithia employs more than 3,000 technicians. In this article, we interview Steve Hamre, National Technician Recruiting Manager for Lithia Motors, to learn more about how his team uses WrenchWay Top Shop pages to enhance their recruiting efforts and attract more technicians.

4. 29+ Places to Help You Find Automotive Technicians

Finding quality technicians is top priority for the majority of shops. Luckily, there is no shortage of places to find technicians. In this article, we compiled a list of 29+ places shops can find technicians to hire.

5. Ethics in the Automotive Industry

Behaving in an ethical manner in the automotive industry goes far beyond just being a hard worker, doing a good job, and being polite to customers. In this article, Guest Blogger, Nicholas Wiltse outlines some of the ethical issues in the automotive industry.