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Roundtable Recap: How to Get the Most Value From Your Advisory Committee

Recently, three amazing automotive educators joined us to discuss how to drive engagement at advisory committee meetings. Check out the full recording and event highlights below. Watch the Recording Importance of a Strong Advisory Committee Advisory committees allow instructors to develop industry partnerships. Those partnerships can act as advocates for you and your program. Not

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WrenchWay’s Free Solutions for High Schools

At WrenchWay, our mission is to improve and promote the automotive, collision, and diesel industries—and a major part of that is doing what we can to help out schools. We recently hosted a demonstration of WrenchWay’s free solutions for high schools. You can watch the full demo below, or read the summary for the highlights.

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WrenchWay’s Free Solutions for Post-Secondary Schools

At WrenchWay, our mission is to improve and promote technician careers—and a major part of that involves working with schools. For post-secondary schools, we have created a number of tools to help them improve and promote their technician programs by: Connecting with more local shops and dealerships Helping them get the resources they need from

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High Schools: Win $500 for Your Program — Post a Shop Talk Video on WrenchWay

We’re giving away $500 to one lucky high school who posts a School Zone video on WrenchWay Shop Talk by April 15, 2022. Be on the lookout for new chances to win every month. The industry wants to see what is going on in schools and what students are working on. This gives you an

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Highlights from the First Annual WrenchWay Schools Week

Last week, WrenchWay hosted the first annual WrenchWay Schools Week. During WrenchWay Schools Week, we had the opportunity to sit down with instructors, students, shop owners, and other industry professionals to discuss all the great things schools and shops are doing to help students find success in technician careers. Roundtable Highlights Student Roundtable — The

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WrenchWay Announces First Annual WrenchWay Schools Week

WrenchWay is excited to announce our first annual WrenchWay Schools Week! WrenchWay Schools Week is a free, virtual event bringing together instructors, students, service directors, and shop owners to highlight and celebrate all the great things schools are doing to help students find success in technician careers and beyond. In today’s environment, educators are challenged

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Why Automotive Skills Need to Be Taught in High School

Answer this for me: Why are culinary classes offered, even required, in most high schools, but a basic automotive course isn’t? Eating is essential for survival, but don’t most people rely on their cars for transportation to get to their job that pays for that food? We rely on cars so much these days to

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How Schools Can Attract More Females to Technician Programs

Walk into any service center and you’ll see the vast majority of technicians are male. In fact, a study done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2020 found that only 9% of all automotive technicians in the United States are women. While this is a 7% improvement from 2018 (which is huge), we still

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WrenchWay School Assist: Free Tool Helps Schools Connect with Local Shops & Dealerships

We're excited to announce the release of our new product to help high schools and post-secondary schools with technician programs connect with local shops and dealerships. WrenchWay School Assist is a free tool that makes it easier for schools to get the resources they need to attract more young students to technician programs and educate them

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