At WrenchWay, our mission is to improve and promote the automotive, collision, and diesel industries—and a major part of that is doing what we can to help out schools.

We recently hosted a demonstration of WrenchWay’s free solutions for high schools. You can watch the full demo below, or read the summary for the highlights.

Watch the Full Demo

WrenchWay School Connect: Build Relationships with Industry

WrenchWay School Connect is a free tool to help schools build relationships with local shops and dealerships. We want to do everything we can to help get more future technicians interested in the industry, and we believe this starts in the schools.

With School Connect, schools have the opportunity to post requests asking for resources they could use to help promote and improve their automotive, diesel, or collision program. Some examples of requests include:

  • Work-based learning opportunities
  • Shop tours
  • Tool, equipment, or parts donations
  • Speakers for your class
  • Advisory committee members

Shop Talk: Create Content to Promote Your Program

Video is becoming a huge recruiting tool when it comes to attracting students and technicians. Shop Talk gives schools the opportunity to create quick and easy videos to help attract students to their program and connect with local shops.

Instructors can create videos giving an inside look into their program and what their students are learning. Some video examples include:

  • Overview of their program
  • What excites students about their program
  • Shop Tours
  • Projects student are working on
  • How local shops can help improve their program

Reverse Job Posts: Help Your Students Find Jobs

Reverse Job Posts makes it easy for students to look for new job opportunities in their area, and find a shop that best fits what they are looking for.

How it works is students answer short questions about their skill set and what they’re looking to learn in a shop. No resume needed. Once their Reverse Job Post is live, shops can reach out to the students with part-time job opportunities. The identity and contact information of the students is 100% anonymous and is only shared when the students choose to share it.

Reverse Job Posts is completely free for students to use, and it’s an easy way to explore work-based learning opportunities in their area. To create a Reverse Job Post, students can download the free WrenchWay mobile app. (Reverse Job Posts will also be available on desktop soon.)

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