There are many online resources out there for students, but most are not specific to the automotive and diesel industries.

So, we fixed that!

If you are a high school or college student pursuing a career in automotive, diesel, or collision, we have compiled a list of resources to help you look for jobs, supplement your studies, build your network, and more.

Job-Related Resources

Major Job Boards

You probably already know the main online job boards: Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and CareerBuilder. These are great because a lot of shops and dealerships post open positions here. However, these job boards are flooded with hundreds of job opportunities that can be challenging to weed through.

WrenchWay Reverse Job Posts

It is overwhelming and time-consuming to apply for jobs. With Reverse Job Posts, you fill out a quick 10-minute questionnaire outlining your skill set and what you are looking for in a shop. Then, shops approach you with questions and job opportunities. Best of all, it’s free, anonymous, and you don’t need a resume.

Find Top Auto & Diesel Shops

WrenchWay Top Shops give you an inside look at what it’s like to work at shops and dealerships in your area. Get a detailed look at FAQs around compensation, benefits, work environment, career development, and more. You can research shops, and compare and contrast benefits to see which shop is the best fit for you before you even apply.

Resume Builders & Templates

It’s never too early to create your resume! There are many resume resources out there that you can build and make your own. With some guidance, you can even use AI tools like ChatGPT Resume Builder to write your resume.

If you are in college, chances are your campus has available resume resources or a career development that can help too.

Note: Even if you are using resume templates or builders, it is always a good idea to ask an advisor or teacher to check over your resume.

Tool Discounts

Many tool brands like Fluke, Sonic Tools, and Mac Tools have student discounts or donation programs available. Do your research online, and don’t be afraid to ask customer service for additional discounts.

Certification & Training Tracker

As a technician, you’ll go through a lot of ongoing training and certifications. Be sure to stay organized and track all of you completed training and certifications. This will be helpful when it comes time to find a job, get reimbursed for training, or just keep organized.

Educational Resources

Virtual Roundtables & Webinars

There is a lot of current and recorded content available with a simple Google search. Some favorite hosts for industry content are WrenchWay, Fullbay, and ASE Education Foundation.

Auto & Diesel Technology Forums

Forums like Diesel Truck Resource and Garage Journal offer a wealth of knowledge, troubleshooting advice, and insights into the latest industry trends and technologies.


We’ve compiled a list of the best YouTube channels for technicians that include some of the top creators in our industry. However, YouTube is a treasure trove of auto and diesel educational content, so don’t be afraid to search for others.

Manufacturer Websites and Documentation

Leading auto and diesel manufacturers such as Ford, General Motors, Cummins, and Caterpillar provide free access to technical documentation, repair manuals, and training materials on their websites. Explore the “Service” or “Technical Resources” sections on their websites.

Note: Most of the time, your school has to partner with these organizations in order for you to gain access to their resources. Check with your instructor or director of your program to see if you are missing out!


ALLDATA is an all-in-one online resource that provides automotive repair information like service and repair procedures, diagrams, and technical specifications.


You probably have a lot of books available through your school’s program, but companies like G-W Online, Cengage, and CDX Learning Systems offer e-textbooks. (Sometimes these are even available for free.) These resources cover various topics, from basic automotive and diesel principles to advanced diagnostics and repair techniques.

Online Training

ASE is a great resource ‌for any technician and they’ve even compiled a helpful list of training resources for students and teachers on their website. Also, companies like Electude offer different online training courses as well.

Publications & Articles

Looking for magazines or articles to stay in touch with industry trends? Motor Trend, Popular Mechanics, VehicleServicePros, Motor Age, WrenchWay, Transport Topics, and Diesel World Magazine provide great informative articles, reviews, and insights into the automotive and diesel sectors.


Podcasts are a great (and free) way to stay informed about the latest and greatest in the industry. Some of the top-rated podcasts for technicians include:

ASE Test Preparation

Prepping for ASE certification tests early is never a bad idea. AVI On-Demand offers some workbooks and materials online, or you can request official practice tests from ASE.

Check with your instructor too! Your school may offer test prep throughout the year as part of the curriculum or as a separate course.

Networking Resources

Shop Talk

WrenchWay Shop Talk is kind of like LinkedIn, but just for industry professionals in the auto, diesel, and collision industries. View, like, and comment on posts from shops, technicians, schools, and other industry professionals.


LinkedIn is a huge resource for young technicians because it is a great way to connect with and build relationships. Create your profile, make connections, follow shops/dealerships, and join some groups.

Facebook Groups

Social media groups are a great place to ask for advice, hunt for jobs, or keep up with industry happenings. Some groups to join are:

Note: Try to not let the negative comments get you down or sway your opinion about a career as a technician. Behind every online forum is a handful of disgruntled people.


There are a variety of associations out there that shop owners, technicians, and other industry professionals are a part of. Most offer a discounted, or even free student membership like the Automotive Industry Action Group does.

Your school might even be a part of associations that you can gain access to as well. Associations like the AED Foundation and the ASE Foundation, to name a few.

Tip: When searching for associations to join, remember to search for city-wide, county-wide, statewide, and national organizations.

Scholarship & Giveaway Resources

Loneliest Number

Every month, WrenchWay gives away $1,000 through their Loneliest Number game ($500 goes to the winner and the other $500 goes to an auto/diesel high school program of the winner’s choice.) It costs nothing to enter, and it’s a great way to support your school!

Snap-on Makers & Fixers

Submit your story to join Snap-on’s list of “Makers & Fixers”. Every month, they highlight two individuals for their hard work in the industry and give away prize packs.


There are many scholarships available for students pursuing automotive, diesel, or skilled trades degrees. Here are some examples:

Note: Many times these scholarships go unfilled, so even if you barely or almost qualify for the scholarships listed, still apply. You never know what could happen.