Our goal for 2023 is to get more schools involved with WrenchWay School Connect to help promote and improve the automotive, diesel, and collision industries.

WrenchWay School Connect allows auto, diesel, and collision instructors to share what’s new with their program and request resources from local shops and dealerships.

Instructors have been able to build relationships on School Connect with local shops/dealerships to get resources to improve their programs, such as:

  • Shop tours
  • Tool/equipment donations
  • Advisory committee members
  • Internships/Apprenticeships for their students
  • And more!

Learn how Verona High School and Zimbrick started their relationship on School Connect and how they’ve been able to work together to help each other out. Watch Video

About WrenchWay School Connect

WrenchWay School Connect is a completely free tool for schools to use. We know as an instructor you’re busy, and it’s hard to find time to build relationships with local shops and dealerships.

If you are interested or know of schools in your area that would be interested in WrenchWay School Connect, let us know! You can sign up for free on our website or email us at info@wrenchway.com.