At WrenchWay, our mission is to improve and promote technician careers—and a major part of that involves working with schools.

For post-secondary schools, we have created a number of tools to help them improve and promote their technician programs by:

  • Connecting with more local shops and dealerships
  • Helping them get the resources they need from shops
  • Helping their students find part-time or full-time work

Check out the list below to learn more about our free solutions available to post-secondary schools with technician programs.

WrenchWay Shop Talk Videos: Show Off Your Technician Program

Video is becoming more important for recruiting students and promoting technician programs. In fact, in a recent survey, 78% of schools said that video has a positive ROI when used to attract the right students to their program (Kaltura).

WrencyWay Shop Talk allows instructors and program admins to easily record simple videos that help attract students to their program and connect with local shops/dealerships. Popular videos topics include:

  • Facility tours
  • Showing off projects students are working on
  • Testimonials from students and alumni
  • Explaining how local shops can help out their program

All videos on the Shop Talk feed are public and include social share buttons that make it easy to promote the videos on multiple platforms.

WrenchWay School Connect: Connect with Local Shops & Dealerships

WrenchWay School Connect makes it easy for schools to build relationships with local shops and dealerships and get the resources they need to improve their program and educate their students.

Schools can browse a list of available resources listed by shops, or post requests for things like:

  • Tools, parts, or equipment
  • Advisory committee members
  • Classroom supplies
  • Work-based learning opportunities for students
  • Shop tours
  • And more

Reverse Job Posts: Help Students Find Part-Time Work at Shops

Reverse Job Posts make it easy for students to find part-time or full-time work while in school or after graduation. Unlike traditional job boards, students create a post outlining their skillset and what they’re looking for in a shop, and the shops reach out to them with job opportunities. The students’ contact information is kept 100% anonymous, and they don’t need a resume.

For instructors, the biggest benefit of getting their students to create Reverse Job Posts is when they get approached by local shops or dealerships looking for new technicians, they can just refer them to WrenchWay Reverse Job Posts. Shops can create a free profile to connect with the students and technicians looking for work. This takes the pressure off the instructor and puts the responsibility on the shop and the student.

Get Started—Create a Free WrenchWay Schools Account

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