According to a recent WrenchWay Insiders poll, 65% of technicians have left or considered leaving a job because of a manager. In this competitive job market, shop owners and managers need to be doing everything they can to build and foster relationships with technicians.

Throughout the month of June, we will be sharing content, hosting events, and working with our clients to help improve and promote the relationships between managers/owners and technicians. We will also be sharing stories about great managers and owners from some of our WrenchWay Top Shops.

Join us by participating in one or all of the following:

Roundtable: The Role of Management in Technician Recruitment & Retention

The number one reason employees leave companies is because of their manager, not their job. In a market where recruiting and retaining technicians is more difficult than ever, shop owners and managers need to be doing everything they can to connect with current and prospective technicians.

In this roundtable, we have brought together shop owners and managers to discuss:

  • The role management plays in retaining technicians
  • How they build relationships with their technicians
  • How they support technician recruitment in their shops

View the Roundtable Recording

Shop Talk Videos

Watch videos from Top Shops across the country as they share how their management team develops relationships with their technicians. Top Schools will also be sharing videos discussing how shop owners and managers can help their technician programs. Here are some of our favorites:

Watch Shop Talk Videos

Blog Articles

We’ll be sharing tips on building leadership skills, fostering relationships with technicians, and how managers and owners can support technician recruiting efforts. Watch for the following articles coming out this month:

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New Guides

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  • 13 Easy Things Managers Can Do to Improve Employee Satisfaction and Retention
  • 8 Ways to Communicate Better as a Manager

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