We here at WrenchWay are very passionate about being a positive force in promoting and improving technician careers. A big part of that is helping shops and dealerships recruit differently, connect with schools, and attract the right talent.

In this video, a few leaders in the automotive and diesel industry discuss what they enjoy most about WrenchWay Top Shop Memberships.

3 Reasons Automotive & Diesel Shops Choose WrenchWay

Find Higher Quality Technician Candidates

Finding technicians is critical for any automotive shop or dealership. However, traditional recruiting methods aren’t completely effective when trying to attract good quality technicians. Most technicians are already employed, so they need to be confident that a new opportunity is a good fit before applying. They require detailed information on pay, growth opportunities, work environment, and other factors that standard job boards typically do not provide.

That’s where we come in. WrenchWay Top Shop pages allow technicians to learn all about a shop’s compensation, benefits, work environment, career development, and hiring process before even applying. This allows shops and candidates to better align, saving both time and money.

Robert Hamer, Director of Human Resources at Ron Marhofer Auto Family, highlights the efficiency of WrenchWay, stating, “WrenchWay is more of a dialogue type of site. We’re getting better traction with people showing up for interviews. A lot of the ghosting issues we’ve had with candidates that have come up through some of the other recruiting sites, that hasn’t come up with WrenchWay very much because we were able to validate a lot beforehand. So, when these candidates come in, they know we are something they want to be a part of and we know they are someone that we want as part of our organization.”

Easily Connect With Schools & Future Technicians

Establishing relationships with local schools is critical to growing the next generation of technicians. WrenchWay bridges the gap between industry and schools. On School Assist, schools can keep shops informed about what’s going on in their program and tell them what support they could use (i.e., shop tours, tools/equipment donations, guest speakers, etc.).

School Assist streamlines the communication for shops—allowing them to easily get connected with the right person at each school in their area, all on one platform.

Steven Lehl, Mercedes Benz Shop Foreman at Zimbrick European shares the impact School Assist has had on their business, stating, “I want to thank WrenchWay for helping local schools. If it wasn’t for WrenchWay, I’m not sure we would’ve connected with Ben Zimmerman, Automotive Instructor at Verona Area High School. I responded to one of Ben’s requests on WrenchWay School Assist for tool and equipment donations, and our partnership has grown from there. So, thank you. I hope this continues to grow and helps many schools around the U.S.”

Partner in Technician Recruiting

WrenchWay isn’t just another job board. Technicians love WrenchWay because shops on WrenchWay are required to be transparent about all the job details they care about. Even if they aren’t looking for a job, technicians use WrenchWay for a variety of reasons including:

  • Interacting with other industry professionals on Shop Talk
  • Tracking certifications and training
  • Researching technician pay

Tiffany Scherado, Co-Owner and Office Manager at Life Transmissions, talks about how WrenchWay works hard to connect with technicians and how it has helped them fill gaps. Scherado states, “WrenchWay connects more with technicians, which was what we were needing. I can go to almost any personnel place and hire a secretary, a warehouse person, or other office staff. Technicians are really hard to find. So you have to find somebody who has some kind of connection, and I know WrenchWay does a lot with technicians.”

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