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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we are joined by Marcus Hicks, Area Manager, Ford TPS Program to discuss how dealerships can build relationships with schools. He talks about students’ perceptions of the industry, how we can get parents involved, and the benefits of education.

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The Difference Between College and Education

  • Kids don’t have to go to college and get a fancy degree, but they do need education. Education looks different for everyone. It’s about how the student wants to be educated.
  • Show students this is an industry they can be proud of, and make a good living while doing something they love.
  • Not every student loves schools and wants to go to college, and that is ok. For some students, college is the right path and for others it’s not. Provide students with all the opportunities that are available.

“You don’t have to go off to a major university, read Shakespeare, and do algebraic fractions to be successful. You can work on a vehicle, be around some of the latest and greatest technology, and make a great living.”
Marcus Hicks, Area Manager, Ford TPS Program

Connecting Schools and Dealerships

  • Dealerships need to go to the schools and show students the cool cars and technology technicians get to work on.
  • Broadcast the opportunities. Electric cars are different and fun. They appeal to a different demographic of technicians than the traditional nut and bolt type of technician.
  • Bring vehicles to the schools. Allow students to look at the vehicles and ask questions about how technicians came into the business.
  • Showing students who are unsure what they want to do for a career the opportunities in this industry provides and having them realize it’s what they want to do is the most rewarding feeling.
  • Don’t stop at the high school level, go and talk with the middle schools as well. The earlier a dealership can get involved, the better results they will see.

“If you want to know what schools need, they need you to be present and involved. They need you to listen and be able to say, Hey, you know what? I am not too busy.”
Marcus Hicks, Area Manager, Ford TPS Program

Getting Involved with Parents

  • Dealerships need to get involved with parent meet-and-greets at the schools. Talk with parents, and show them what it’s like to work in the shop. Bring in a cool car and stuff to show off how cool of an industry this is. Parents want to know their son/daughter can be successful in this industry.
  • Dealerships can’t be stubborn. Take a little bit of time to invest in students and the future of the industry.
  • Get in the schools, build relationships, and do everything to get students to want to work for the dealership.

We have to get creative and get parents to understand there’s a life out there. Counselors, there’s a different life out there for your students. Open your eyes and really look into what the students want to do versus what they don’t want to do because you’ll be a whole lot happier.”
Marcus Hicks, Area Manager, Ford TPS Program

Being a Technician is a High Demand & High Earning Potential Career Choice for Students

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