Video has become an incredibly important part of recruiting in every industry, and the automotive and diesel industries are no exception. In fact, in a recent WrenchWay Insiders poll question, 85% of technicians say they think video helps them to determine if a shop is a good fit for them.

Unfortunately, the automotive and diesel industries aren’t exactly leading the way when it comes to their recruiting strategies. And, with the technician shortage, shops can’t exactly afford to be wasting their time with outdated recruiting practices.

Before we dive into some of the easy ways shops can recruit with video, let’s first look at why shops are slow to adapt to video recruiting.

Why is Video Intimidating?

Twenty years ago, incorporating video into your business strategies was a lot more complicated. Thankfully, technology has made this a lot easier to accomplish. Unfortunately, many people are still hanging onto those old ideas that it takes a lot of time, money, and resources to create videos.

Here’s a quick list of some of the myths about video creation:

Myth #1 — You need fancy equipment to create videos.

Wrong! Smartphones today are all equipped with some of the best cameras around, and this is all you need to create any sort of video for recruiting.

Myth #2 — You need video editing software.

According to our WrenchWay Insiders, 97% of technicians prefer unscripted, authentic videos versus corporate recruiting videos. This means editing should be kept to a minimum, and any editing that does need to be done, can probably be accomplished with free editing tools on your phone or computer (i.e., Windows MovieMaker, iMovie, etc.).

Myth #3 — You need to hire someone to create videos.

Again, because smartphones have made it so easy to create and edit videos, there’s really no reason to hire someone outside of your shop to create recruiting videos for you. Recruiting videos don’t need to be TV commercial-quality. They just need to be authentic.

Myth #4 – Creating videos is too time-consuming.

More great news about video… People prefer short videos! It should take no more than 10 minutes to record a quick 2-3 minute video. (And, that’s assuming there are some outtakes!)

Easy Videos to Create to Recruit Technicians

The most important thing to remember is that only about 5% of technicians are actively looking for a job. This means that a standard “Come work for us!” video is probably not going to catch the attention of the majority of technicians. So, what videos can your shop create to get in front of the 75% of technicians that are only passively/casually looking at new opportunities?

Passive Recruiting for Technicians

Try thinking of non-recruiting videos that technicians would just be interested in watching. Here are some examples:

  • Show off cool equipment or tools
  • Have technicians show fun projects they’re working on
  • Give a shout out to one of your technicians and share a story of something they did recently to go above and beyond
  • Give a quick tour of your shop

… In summary, don’t TELL technicians why they should work for you, SHOW them why they should work for you. And, like anything else, the hardest part is getting started — you just need to take the first step!