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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, Marcus Aman, CEO and Co-Founder of Bayley Service Intelligence joins us to talk about the tool he created to help shops measure data and increase profit, the importance of analytics, and the future of service work.

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The Importance of Analytics & Customer Relationships

  • There’s so much data shops can get lost in it. Shops need to think about the top three things they care about the most and what will make the greatest impact in the shop. Those are the things they really need to focus on.
  • Service is more of a relationship business than transactional. When shops create relationships with customers, they’ll want to come back because they trust the shop.
  • Shops try to get as many customers in and out of the door as fast as they can to drive profit. But, if they focus on their relationships with their customers, the money is there. The hidden profit is available with the certain customers. It’s about building a relationship, so they know the shop has their best interest when making recommendations.
  • Shops have to do better at getting cars in faster and getting recommendations to the customer quicker. That way, technicians are happy because they’re turning in more hours and making more money.

Future of Service Work

  • Shops need to evolve with the customers and how customers want to do business. If a shop doesn’t adapt, they’re going to lose business.
  • The average car payment has hit $722/month. In the future, we’re going to see people hanging onto their cars longer. The average age of ownership will rise and customers will approve a lot more repair work.
  • Technicians are in a good spot. This is a great career to be going into because they’re going to be very busy, turn more hours, and make more money. Because of the labor shortage, technicians can almost name the rate they want to be paid. Dealers and independent garages are going to have to fork out a little more to keep technicians.
  • Having a strong business is the only way shops are going to get top talent. If shops don’t have a well-run, highly profitable service department, the chances that they’re going to get good people are going to the wayside.
  • Young techs today want to interact with new tools, technology, and things that are easy to use and fast. They’re used to using their cell phones, and that is quick and easy. Think of Amazon: People can order something online and have it delivered to their house in two days or less. We live in an instantaneous world, and people want things immediately.

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