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How to Conduct Successful Technician Performance Reviews

About the Roundtable

With the year wrapping up, it’s often a great time for shop owners and managers to sit down with technicians for performance reviews.

Performance reviews can be a great opportunity to promote communication and grow trust between managers and employees. However, without adequate thought and preparation, these meetings can easily become a “check-the-box task.”

In this roundtable, discussed how managers and technicians can get the most value out of performance reviews. We covered:

  • The importance of annual performance reviews (even in shops that value ongoing feedback over annual reviews)
  • How managers and technicians can prepare for performance reviews to get the most out of these conversations
  • Ways of measuring technician performance and goals

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About the Speakers

Jay Gonien Headshot Rounded

Jay Goninen
Co-Founder & President

Gary headshot

Gary MacCausland
Vice President of Operations
VIP Tires & Service

Robert Blaes Headshot

Robert Blaes
Stang Auto Tech, Inc.

Fred Gestwicki Jr

Fred Gestwicki Jr
Fix-it with Fred, LLC