Shops everywhere need technicians. The scary part of the technician shortage is it’s a double-edged sword: Not only are less young people entering the industry, but more technicians are leaving the industry to retire or to work in a different industry.

We cannot afford to lose any technicians. It is important for shop managers to be doing everything they can to make sure technicians enjoy working at their shop. This starts with getting a gauge of what existing technicians like and dislike about working in the industry and at their shop. Then, it’s important to take action to make improvements where needed.

Voice of Technician Survey Coming Soon

We understand how important it is to listen to technicians and give them a voice in promoting and improving the industry. As a part of our upcoming TechMission Local Events, we’re encouraging current and future technicians everywhere to take a short survey to tell us what is most important to them in their career.

In this 10-minute survey, we will ask technicians to rank the importance of and comment on things like:

  • Compensation
  • Types of pay plans
  • Specific benefits
  • Flexible schedules
  • Career development
  • Work environment
  • And more

How to Participate in the Voice of Technician Survey

We encourage all technicians and students in the automotive or diesel industry to take 10 minutes to fill out the survey. The survey will go live September 18th as part of our Local Techmission events. As a thank you for providing feedback, all survey participants will be entered to win our $3,500 grand prize.

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