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Finding a new job as a technician is terrible. There are hundreds of job openings to search through and all job postings look the same. Listen in as Mark Wilson, Co-Founder & CEO, WrenchWay, talks about Reverse Job Posts, the newest feature in the WrenchWay Insiders mobile app that simplifies the job search process for technicians.

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WrenchWay’s Reverse Job Posts flip the traditional job board around. Instead of searching through hundreds of job posts that all look the same, technicians fill out a short profile (which is live for 30 days) and let shops come to them. This is an easy product to use, and it’s free for both technicians and shops.

Reverse Job Posts puts the power in the hands of the technicians:

  • Technicians can approve or remove certain shops that feel would be a good fit for them or not a good fit.
  • If a shop messages a tech, they then have the opportunity to chat with the shop while still staying completely anonymous.
  • If the shop and technician decide that they would be a good match, then they can move forward and exchange information to move forward into the application or interview process.

Why WrenchWay is Flipping the Traditional Job Board Around for Technicians

Technicians are always getting bombarded by shops and/or recruiters and are forced to search through hundreds or even thousands of job posts that look exactly the same. It can become a very overwhelming and discouraging process. WrenchWay is taking the hassle out of the process by bringing the shops to the technicians.

An added benefit of Reverse Job Posts is that because the technicians remain anonymous while messaging with shops, it allows them to be completely honest and straightforward. They also don’t need to put in the work of creating or updating a resume before knowing the shop is a good fit for them to apply to.

Reverse Job Posts: Apply for Jobs & Interact with Shops

Show Notes

About Our Host:

Jay Goninen
Co-Founder & President, WrenchWay
jayg@wrenchway.com | 608.716.2122

About Our Guest:

Mark Wilson
Co-Founder & CEO, WrenchWay


  • Technicians can sign up to create Reverse Job Posts on the free WrenchWay app in the App Store or on Google Play.
  • Shops can sign up to receive Reverse Job Posts at https://wrenchway.com/reverse-job-posts

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