We know finding technicians right now can be tough. Since almost every shop is hiring, you need to stand out from the crowd. Traditional recruiting isn’t going to cut it anymore. You need to get creative and SHOW technicians why your shop is a great place to work and what makes you different. Identify what makes your business unique, and promote it. Below is a short guide on how you can sell your shop to technicians.

 7 Things Shops Can Do To Sell Their Shop to Technicians

1. Have a Strategic Onboarding Process and Mentorship Program in Place

First impressions start before a new technician even walks through the door. It’s crucial to have a strategic onboarding program so new technicians feel comfortable and confident joining a new shop. Technicians want to have guidance and know what to expect when they first start in the shop. Pairing new technicians with a mentor has a huge impact on the future success of the technician and the shop. Technicians want to have someone they can look up and relate to. Being the new kid in the shop is already stressful enough, providing a mentor to answer questions and help guide a new technician is crucial. If you don’t, they will leave your shop, or worse the industry.

2. Have and Communicate Shared Company Goals

Having goals set in place shows a lot about the values a company holds. Technicians want to know the work they are doing has meaning, and that they have clear standards to meet. It allows new technicians to get more comfortable in a shop and feel appreciated when achieving new goals. Technicians want to know what is expected of them and how they can work to achieve standards and goals. Setting goals shows your company cares about the work they are doing and strives to succeed.

3. Focus on Employee Recognition

Make your technicians feel appreciated—it’s really that simple. Get to know them on a personal level. You need to think to yourself, “If they had a day off to do whatever they wanted, what would they do?” Or, “If I gave them an extra $50, how would they spend it?” Put the effort into knowing the human behind the job. Technicians don’t want to feel like they are just another piece of the puzzle. They want to feel important and recognized for all the hard work they do.

4. Be Transparent with Communication

Nobody wants to feel like they are walking on eggshells at work. Be open and honest with your technicians about what is going on within the shop. If there is a problem with a specific vehicle or part, share that with the technicians. Technicians will be able to sense if there are secrets. Avoid that awkward situation and just communicate with technicians about what is going on. Technicians also want to know what is expected from them in the shop everyday. Communicate with them on the expectations and goals you have for them. Meet with each technician regularly to have these open and honest conversations about any issues that may be going on in the shop.

5. Offer a Clear Career Path

Make sure you have a strategic and clear career path in place for technicians. Show them how they can advance in your shop. Talk with them, and ask what their goals are, and how they want to advance in the shop. Explain the different career paths you offer, and how you will help to guide them to success. Technicians want to work for a company where they know there will be future opportunities and advancement. Having a clear career path shows technicians their shop cares about their growth and making them the best technician they can be.

6. Don’t Underestimate Work Environment & Shop Culture

Work environment is now a top priority in the decision-making process for technicians looking at a shop. Technicians want to work for a shop who values their shop culture. Ask yourself, “Why should someone come work for your shop instead of the shop down the road?” It’s okay to brag a little bit about what makes your shop a great place to work. Show off how amazing the technicians are in your shop. Tell people if you have team outings, group lunches, or happy hour celebrations.

Technicians want to know people enjoy working at the shop and that it is a great place to be. Showing new technicians the personality of your shop really allows them to paint a picture of your company. The personality of your shop makes you unique and will make people want to work there. Share how technicians interact within the shop, and the music they like to listen to while working. Never be intimidated to show your shop personality, we’re all human and that’s the information technicians want to know when looking for a shop.

7. Have a Recruiter Mindset

To find the perfect candidate for your shop, you have to put yourself in the mindset of your potential candidate. Think about what they would want to know about a shop, including:

  • Work environment
  • Pay (Not wide ranges; realistic ones!)
  • Training
  • And more

Don’t be lazy—get involved with schools and think of other creative ways you can find technicians. Expecting technicians to come to you is an unrealistic expectation. Even when you aren’t actively hiring—stay ahead of the technician shortage and always be recruiting.

In Summary, Show Off Your Shop’s Personality!

All of these strategies can help you stand out to technicians. It is important to know what makes you different, and show it to technicians. It’s the unique characteristics in your shop that will attract high quality technicians. So don’t wait—start implementing these steps into your shop today!

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