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    Top Shop Challenge: Training is a hot topic for technicians looking for a good shop to work at. Talk about the training you provide your techs or highlight some individuals who recently completed training or earned certifications.

    Furthering your training is something that we emphasize at Audi Beaverton. We send our technicians to training at least once a year, but often more than that. This training is out of state, and is done through the manufacturer, so it will further your progress in becoming a master tech!

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    Mike Baldwin

    In previous leadership roles I’ve implemented 100% no cost training for all techs. We’d pay for ASE’s pass or fail up to 3x if they failed. We’d pay 1.5hrs for each ASE they took either through the app or off site. All e-modules were paid for time stated on module. Once OEM classes came available, dependent on eligibility, techs were sent. There were zero impediments keeping them from obtaining their training but it was shocking to see how difficult it was to get them to go. There was a stigma that the more certified they were, the worse the work was going to get for them. That comes from toxic senior techs who poison the well and dissuade you get techs from advancing.

  • WrenchWay


    What was your first car? Drop us a comment below by 6/20/24 and earn 1 point towards our monthly $1,000 giveaway.

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    Tyson Sontag

    I had a 1982 Isuzu P'up with a 2.2 liter diesel. It was gutless, but got 32mpg.

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