We’re excited to announce the launch of our new video series, WrenchWay Weekly!

Our goal with WrenchWay Weekly is to discuss hot industry topics — sharing our expertise and bring the voice of technicians to the forefront — to better educate shops and dealerships, and improve the industry for existing and future technicians.

Our first episode was published last week on WrenchWay’s YouTube Channel. For the first episode, we simply gave an explanation of how the show will work and how industry professionals can get involved. You can catch the episode below.

What is WrenchWay Weekly About?

Each week, host, Jay Goninen, will discuss an industry topic.

Some examples, include:

  • Flat rate pay
  • Dealership warranty repayment rates
  • Technician/management communication
  • Side work policies

We’ll provide our expertise on the topic based on our experiences working with both technicians and shops. We will also seek out feedback from industry professionals, who we call our WrenchWay Insiders, and share their thoughts on the topic as well.

Who are WrenchWay Insiders & How Does the Program Work?

WrenchWay Insiders are people who work in the automotive, diesel, or heavy equipment industries, that provide us feedback on the topics we cover in our WrenchWay Weekly video series.

We are currently looking for technicians, service advisors/managers, shop owners/managers, fixed ops directors, and other industry professionals to join our WrenchWay Insiders program.

How WrenchWay Insiders Works

You can sign up to become a WrenchWay Insider on our website, or by completing the WrenchWay Topic of the Week feedback surveys posted on WrenchWay’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Once you’re a member of WrenchWay Insiders, you will receive an email every Wednesdays afternoon that contains a 1-2 question survey requesting feedback on our topic of the week.

Participation is always optional. However, each week you provide feedback, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win our weekly giveaway. Winners are announced each week on the WrenchWay Weekly episode and will be contacted by email.

Tune In Every Wednesday to WrenchWay Weekly

A new episode of WrenchWay Weekly will be posted every Wednesday on WrenchWay’s YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe to the channel to be notified of new episodes.