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Wilmot High School (WI) Seeking Snap-on Kit for Precision Measuring Certifications for Their Students

Project Details
Wilmot High School (WUHS) is very interested in pursuing student certifications for precision measuring instruments using the Snap-on Tools curriculum through NC3. We already have a certified instructor, but we need to purchase the certification kit. We are looking for a business/businesses that would be interested in assisting the school district to purchase the kit from Snap-on in order to offer this incredible learning opportunity to our students (your potential employees)!

About Wilmot High School
WUHS is located in western Kenosha county in southeastern Wisconsin. We are very near the Wisconsin/Illinois border. Our automotive program works closely with Gateway Technical College to offer students a dual-credit opportunity while in the high school setting. We offer entry-level courses in Fundamentals of Servicing and Electrical/Electronic Systems for students considering a career in the automotive repair industry. Successful students have the opportunity for ASE Student Certification in MLR and various industry certifications prior to graduation.

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