In October 2020, we hosted our first ever virtual event called TechMission. Our goal was to bring together technicians, shops, dealerships, and schools to discuss:

  • How we can attract more technicians into the industry
  • Recruit and retain existing technicians
  • Improve the overall perception of the industry

Overall, TechMission was a huge success. We covered so many different topics. But we didn’t want these great conversations to end with TechMission. We wanted to keep the ball rolling — and we’re just doing that.

Introducing WrenchWay Roundtables

Starting in January 2021, we will begin hosting virtual WrenchWay Roundtables. Each month, we will bring in a diverse group of panelists to discuss a specific topic, and offer a live Q&A for attendees to ask questions. Every WrenchWay Roundtable will be 90 minutes and completely free to attend!

Unlike TechMission where we covered a lot of topics broadly, each WrenchWay Roundtable will allow us to dive deeper into specific issues that are feeding into the technician shortage and discuss ways in which we can improve.

(Don’t worry — we still plan on hosting our big TechMission event annually in the fall!)

Watch the Recording From the First WrenchWay Roundtable

How Shops & Schools Can Attract More Students to the Industry

Date: January 27, 2021 | 7pm CT

In this roundtable, we discuss the current status of technician programs at the high school level, as well as the perception students, parents, and counselors have about a career in the automotive and diesel industries.

We’re bringing in a diverse panel to help uncover what has (or hasn’t) changed at the high school level, what needs to improve, the challenges shop programs face, and, most important, how shops can help schools.

Watch the Recording