We’re excited to officially announce the release our new mobile app called WrenchWay Insiders.

The WrenchWay Insiders app gives technicians, services advisors and managers, and other professionals in the automotive and diesel service industries the opportunity to provide feedback on various topics to help improve the industry.

Jay Goninen, President of WrenchWay explains, “Not only are we seeing less people enter the industry to become technicians, but we’re also seeing a large number of existing technicians leave the industry. We need to start tackling these issues head on, and that starts with listening to our technicians.”

Goninen continues, “The WrenchWay Insiders app was created to give technicians a safe place to share their opinions about the good and bad things they’re seeing in the industry.”

How WrenchWay Insiders Works

Users complete short challenges in exchange for points. Challenges include answering quick, multiple choice questions about the industry.

Points can then be used to play fun, simple games where they can win prizes such as Amazon gift cards and gift cards for tools

We then uses all the anonymous feedback to create content that helps educate shops, dealerships, and schools on what changes the industry can make to start tackling the technician shortage.

If you are a technician or work in the industry and would like to check out the WrenchWay Insiders app, you can request an invite on our website.