At WrenchWay, we work with a lot of different shops and dealerships to help give them a better way to sell their shop as a great place to work to technicians and attract the right techs to apply for their open positions.

It is our goal to help make these shops and dealerships as successful as they can be. We can certainly help them find, attract, and recruit the best technicians to work in their shops, but we all know that’s only one part of what makes a shop/dealership successful… which is where our partners come in.

Who are WrenchWay Preferred Partners?

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new Preferred Partners program for our clients. Our Preferred Partners are companies we have personally vetted, and they are offering special deals to WrenchWay clients.

All Preferred Partners are listed in our MyShop portal, which is a portal used by all WrenchWay clients to manage their top shop profiles.

Preferred Partners of WrenchWay

We are currently working on adding more partners, but a few of our initial Preferred Partners include:

AVI (Automotive Video Innovations)
Automotive Video Innovations is an industry-recognized producer of automotive training courses including ASE Test Prep, Diagnostics, Hybrid/EV, Diesel, Sales & Management, and more.

BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY designs automotive software solutions that solve the most common struggles facing the Automotive Repair Industry.

Industry-leading software solution for Heavy-Duty Repair shops – this cloud-based app is loaded with features that will let you leave the shop for a long-overdue vacation.

Wind River Financial
Wind River delivers cost effective credit card processing and high-touch service to auto repair shops of all sizes.

Become a Preferred Partner of WrenchWay for Free!

Does your business provide products and/or services that serve independent shops and dealerships in the automotive, diesel, or heavy equipment industries?

Getting your company signed up as a Preferred Partner is free and easy. If you’re interested in becoming a Preferred Partner, send us an email at