At WrenchWay, we are always talking to our clients about the importance of getting their employees to share their Top Shop page and Shop Talk videos on social media. Research has shown, social media posts go 561% further when shared by employees on their personal social media accounts. Now, we’ve made it even easier for shops to get employees to share content on social media with a new product feature called Team Shares.

WrenchWay Team Shares allows clients to encourage and reward employees for sharing shop updates, job openings, and more on their own social media pages.

Iphone with WrenchWay Team Shares FeatureHow Does the Team Shares Feature Work?

Shops create a “challenge” for employees which includes:

  • The link they want employees to share
  • Suggested text for the social post
  • Easy links to different social platforms for sharing
  • Participation deadline

Shops can create one challenge at a time and can encourage employees to share things like:

  • New Shop Talk videos (i.e., monthly shop update, technicians talking about why they love working there, etc.)
  • Top Shop page w/ current job openings
  • Shout-out to a new employee
  • And more

Once the challenge is created, shops share the challenge link and password with employees. Participating employees submit a screenshot of their post as proof they shared it with their social network.

To further encourage employees to participate, shops can list a prize drawing. All approved submissions will be eligible to win the prize.

The WrenchWay Team Shares feature is only available to shops with a Top Shop membership. Interested in becoming a Top Shop? Contact us for more information!