In this episode of WrenchWay Weekly, we discuss technicians’ favorite part of their job. Watch the full episode, or review the episode highlights below.

Why Technicians Love the Industry

A recent WrenchWay Insiders poll asked, “What do you love about working in the industry?” Let’s review the responses:

  • Working with my hands: 40%
  • Critical thinking: 38%
  • Other: 15%
  • People I work with: 6%

Some of the replies are obvious as the nature of service work involves using hands to get vehicles fixed. Similarly, a technician’s job involves brainpower to diagnose and solve problems. While “other” replies mentioned critical thinking, we also saw comments about mentoring, a love for cars, and a preference for working independently.

Technicians also reported satisfaction with the entire repair process. “The feeling of accomplishment when I take something that was running terribly, understand what is ailing it, apply the correct repair, and get it running right again,” said one respondent. This problem-solving approach was frequently cited by technicians as a reason to appreciate their careers.

Other feedback includes a fondness for supporting the industry. One technician remarked on enjoyment from, “Mentoring students, creating an environment focused on professionalism and integrity, and generally passing along things I’ve been fortunate enough to learn through the years.”

Focusing On The Positive

Despite working in an industry that faces an ongoing talent shortage and where some technicians feel undervalued, this survey reveals that there’s a lot to be positive about. Technicians are a vital part of the business. By focusing on the appealing elements of their jobs, professionals can overcome the inevitable situations that happen with every job. Communicating with fellow technicians can help, too. Be sure to try the new discussion board feature in the updated WrenchWay app!