Staying current with your ASE and technician certifications is not just a best practice; it’s essential for maintaining compliance, advancing your skills, and ensuring organizational efficiency. When you stay on top of your training, you are in control of your future and taking the necessary steps to grow. Tracking your training and certifications goes hand-in-hand with ensuring they are up-to-date.

Here’s why auto and diesel technicians should take control of tracking their certifications and how they can do it easily with a free tool.

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Remain Compliant

One of the most critical reasons to track your certifications is to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. Some shops require technicians to hold valid and up-to-date certifications for certain positions. Failing to maintain these credentials can result in severe consequences like, losing your job, legal issues, loss of trust, and more.

Keep on Track with Developing Skills

The auto and diesel world is ever-evolving, and continuous learning is key to staying relevant. By logging certifications, you can easily see what certifications you have and plan for additional training. Identify skill gaps so you can gain further training to stay competitive.

Stay Organized

Managing your certifications provides significant peace of mind. When you have a clear and organized system for tracking your credentials, you won’t be caught off guard by expiring certifications or renewal deadlines.

Plus, having your certifications readily available means you can provide proof of your qualifications whenever needed, such as when applying for jobs or submitting reimbursement requests to your employer. With a proper tracking system, you can focus on your work without worrying about the administrative burden.

Certification & Training Tracker for Auto & Diesel Technicians

Tracking your certifications doesn’t have to be a tedious task. WrenchWay offers a free and efficient certification tracker designed to make this process seamless. With WrenchWay’s tracker, you can:

  • Track, manage, and organize completed automotive and diesel training and certifications.
  • Upload photos of certifications and other attachments.
  • Sort, filter, and export your list of training and certifications.
  • Find upcoming in-person and online training opportunities. (Coming Soon)

Check out WrenchWay’s Technician Certification & Training Tracker and start tracking your ASE, CDL, EPA, degrees, and other certifications.

By taking control of your certification tracking, you ensure a smooth and stress-free professional journey. Stay compliant, keep your skills sharp, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your credentials are always in order.

Certification and Training Tracker for Auto/Diesel Technicians