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Are Technician Job Postings Effective in Attracting New Talent?

A recent WrenchWay Insiders poll asked, “Do most job postings include enough information to know if it’s a good fit for you to apply?” Here’s how respondents answered:

  • Yes: 25.45%
  • No: 74.55%

The results are quite revealing. The vast majority of technicians feel that job postings don’t provide enough information to encourage them to apply. While some shops may be reluctant to disclose salaries, pay structure, and other information, it’s these very details that prospective applicants want to see.

The survey looked deeper into this issue by asking, on a scale of 1-5, how important it is to have specific information in a job listing. Respondents indicated that it was either “important” or “extremely important” to include the following information:

  • Pay Structure/Salary: 88%
  • Benefits: 80%
  • Hiring Process: 59%
  • Work Environment: 74%

Think about why a technician job ad falls flat. You have to get the prospective applicant’s attention and interest.

Chances are the technician already has a job. It might not be the ideal position now, but if the technician wants to change, it has to be worth the effort. If there are too many unknowns, like uncertain pay details, then many technicians may ask themselves, “Why should I take time off of work if this job might not be any different than the one I have now?”

It’s a Job to Find a Job

Looking for a new position takes time. From putting a resume together to interviewing and taking a drug test, it’s a lot of work on the job seeker. You’ve probably heard the expression, “it’s a job to find a job.” For someone to make the effort of applying, they need to know there is a reward waiting at the end of the process. Be it more money, better benefits, or a preferred work atmosphere, the lack of information in a job ad fails to provide this incentive.

Transparency Sets a Good Example

Being upfront about your job offering shows candidates that you are transparent and honest—characteristics that are important to every job seeker. Check out Dan’s Auto Centre’s Top Shop profile. In addition to disclosing compensation details, the business highlights everything a candidate might want to know, including benefits, work environment, career development, and the hiring process.

You’ll also see how they use video to show prospective applicants what it’s really like working at the shop. We showed these videos to our WrenchWay Insiders and asked if seeing videos like this helped them figure out if it’s a good shop to apply to, and 84% said yes. These videos are simple, not over-produced, and take very little time to create. Yet, they’re extremely effective in attracting more applicants.