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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench we are joined by Michael Carbenia, Sr. Executive Director of Workforce, zSpace. Michael shares with us what is zspace, how the industry is changing, how shops can take advantage of zSpace technology, and much more!

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How the Industry is Changing

  • Kids today have grown up with new and changing technology their whole lives.
  • Changes in technology are only going to get bigger. Ford and GM have said they’re going electric, and more companies will continue to go in this direction.
  • We are now leveraging technology to build a workforce around electric cars.
  • I can go anywhere with augmented and virtual reality — rural, poor, inner cities, anywhere— and can bring the technology to them.
  • Technology allows students to experiment on vehicles with no worry or doubt.
  • The goal is to blend technology with automotive to create passion for the industry.

Getting Access to this Technology

  • Majority of users are leveraging this technology because education is our market.
  • Schools are using federal dollars to purchase innovation and bring it into the classrooms.
  • Colleges will share their stories on how they are using this technology and what they are doing with it — drawing more interest from other schools.
  • There are funding options available for everyone interested to get this in their program.

How Shops Can Take Advantage of zSpace Technology

  • Tesla designs their new models using augmented and virtual reality.
  • There are jobs that ask for experience in augmented and virtual reality.
  • As a shop, you need to think about if you’re training your technicians correctly, and if you’re preparing them for what is to come in the industry.
  • We want to provide shops with tools to grow. It is rapidly growing and every major automotive company is leveraging augmented and virtual reality to create products.
  • zSpace technology allows technicians to show customers an augmented and virtual reality video to see the different parts and steps it takes to do certain repairs.

Technology is Not Here to Replace the Technician

  • Technology is here to be a tool to make better technicians.
  • As a technician, you need to stay up with the newest trends.
  • The technology is created to make the technician’s job easier, not replace them.
  • We have smart customers coming into shops now because of computers.
  • People learn 10-15% faster when learning with augmented and virtual reality tools.
  • This technology allows students to make mistakes and learn, all without damaging a real car.

Leverage Technology to Explain Repair Costs to Customers

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