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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we are joined by Marshall Sheldon, Diesel Technician, Murphy-Hoffman Company. Marshall shares with us his experience as a mentor, characteristics of a great mentor, and how mentorship allows technicians to leave behind a legacy.

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Characteristics of a Great Mentor

  • A great mentor is someone a person can look up to, and someone who can help young technicians with anything and everything they may need.
  • As a mentor, always take the work you’re doing a step further. Don’t halfway do anything, and think how it can be done better next time.
  • Identify what a mentee is great at and run with it. Help them identify their strengths, and build confidence.
  • Set a weekly expectation for the mentee. Set sales, efficiency, and productivity goals, and work towards it.
  • Celebrate the small wins. It allows the mentee to gain confidence and continue expanding their knowledge.
  • Allowing the mentor to be present during the hiring process of a mentee can be very beneficial. Get mentors involved in the interview process and looking at the resumes coming into the shop.

Perks of Being a Mentor

  • Being a mentor allows technicians to leave a legacy with their mentees after they leave the shop.
  • The measure of a leader is how many leaders you create.
  • Mentees are going to do stupid things. It’s our job as mentors to bring them up, correct them, and get them back on track. It’s rewarding work being able to support them.
  • The weight of when a veteran tech pulls somebody aside and says they’re proud of them will outweigh what anybody else in the shop can say.

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