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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we are looking into the future of the automotive industry. We are joined by Joel Milne, Chief Executive Officer, RepairSmith to discuss what we can expect from the automotive industry, how we can execute these changes, and the next generation of automotive technicians.

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How to Execute Change

  • We’re watching the transformation in front of our eyes. We’re learning something new every single day.
  • In order to provide quality, you need to provide your technicians with the right tools and equipment to do their job.
  • You learn and make changes as you grow. Some people don’t like constant change, and it is a delicate balance.
  • Consider the benefit of the change, but also the cost.

The Future of the Industry

  • There’s a lot of direct consumer electric vehicles. This means they don’t have dealerships and need help in order to sell cars.
  • Customers generally want things to be as convenient as possible, and everyone needs to learn to compete with that.
  • What starts as a premium segment will become a norm, and eventually will be expected across all segments.

The Next Generation of Technicians

  • Our future technicians are the kids who love all the attributes of engineering, but don’t want to work in an office setting.
  • The next generation has the opportunity to specialize—whether it be in electrical, programming, or mechanical.

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Jay Goninen
Co-Founder & President, WrenchWay
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About Our Guest:

Joel Milne
Chief Executive Officer, RepairSmith

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