Every technician’s story, training, background, and certifications are different. Sometimes just submitting a resume to a job posting doesn’t tell a technician’s full story. Fast forward to the interview, time is often wasted for the tech and shop because certain details didn’t fit into the traditional job application template. That wasn’t the case with James!

James is still in diesel school training to become a technician but was looking for part-time work while he finishes up school. He grew up wrenching his family’s equipment but was still wanting more shop experience. With Reverse Job Posts, James was able to ditch his resume, fill out an anonymous profile in 20 minutes that reflected his unique situation and what he wanted from a shop. Then with one press of a button, all the shops in his set area got a notification that he was looking for part-time work!

Learn of James’ easy journey with Reverse Job Posts below.

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How did you hear about WrenchWay and the app?

I originally heard about WrenchWay through a podcast episode from Fullbay. That led me to actively listen to WrenchWay’s Beyond the Wrench podcast where I then learned more about Reverse Job Posts. All this happened within a few months too.

How have you applied to jobs in the past?

Before Reverse Job Posts, I would apply for jobs mostly online and usually through Indeed.

How easy was it to create a Reverse Job Post?

Very Easy. I created a Reverse Job Post quickly within about 10-15 minutes.

How much time do you feel Reverse Job Posts have saved you?

In the end, Reverse Job Posts saved me quite a bit of time. It was simple and quick to create a basic posting that showcased my skill set and what I am looking for in a shop. My situation was different than most because I am still in school, but I am not a kid or new to wrenching. Thankfully, my Reverse Job Post gave me a place to express my unique situation. Then, I just had to sit back and let the shops come to me.

How long did it take for you to receive messages from shops?

I received my first message within a day of my post getting approved.

Would you recommend Reverse Job Posts to your friends?

Absolutely! It is great for technicians because they remain anonymous, can list out their experience and certifications, tell shops specifically what they are looking for, and then let the shops do the rest. Instead of the technician applying to a bunch of places, Reverse Job Posts offer a quick glance at what a technician can bring to the shop.

What surprised you the most about Reverse Job Posts?

Personally, I was surprised by the companies that messaged me. In my Reverse Job Post profile, I listed that I am a diesel level C technician, but only auto-related shops messaged me on the app. The auto shops I spoke with seemed to be pretty active in recruiting and were the most accommodating for me.

I was also surprised how one shop went above and beyond to connect with me. I had multiple conversations with the hiring manager/recruiter and one conversation went over an hour on the phone. It was amazing the connection I made with a shop just through messaging and calls. Now, I work for that shop and start on Monday!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

It is unrelated to Reverse Job Posts, but a few weeks ago I completed a challenge on the WrenchWay app to receive a free Sonic toolset, and I actually won it. I just got the set in the mail, and it is currently sitting in my living room. I just want to say thank you to WrenchWay and Sonic Tools for offering that giveaway during the TechMission 2021 event. I plan to add some of my WrenchWay stickers to the toolbox soon too.

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