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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we are joined by Jeff Buckley, Owner, My Father’s Shop Certified Auto Repair. Jeff is so passionate about the automotive industry and truly cares about the education and future of the automotive industry. Jeff talks with us about how he uses social media to create a name for himself, time management and being consistent on social media, and how he works to get shops involved with schools.

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Getting Comfortable on Social Media

  • At some point, shops need to step up and speak out. You must lead, follow, or get out of the way.
  • Some people are afraid of getting on social media because they don’t understand it. Hop on, find out what works, and do it on a consistent basis.
  • Shops need to really focus on producing good and authentic content.
  • When working with other people or companies, tag them in the content.

Creating Consistent Content

  • When a shop says they don’t have time, I think, “How can you not find time?”
  • There are many free or low cost options to create content. Find what works best, and build on that.
  • Social media is a free and easy tool for shops to use to create content.
  • It all comes down to allocating time properly and time management
  • Videos are a great and easy way to create content people will love. It helps to build trust in customers, employees, and potential job seekers.
  • Be the expert in your area. If you’re creating a video, show how clean your shop is and how you have the latest and greatest equipment. That will make people want to work there.

Shops Must be Present in Schools

  • Schools only teach students the basics. Shops have to teach them what to work on in the shop.
  • A lot of schools don’t have a large budget. Shops need to be there helping schools out from the beginning.
  • You don’t have to have to provide a crazy gesture; get out there and show some effort. It could be as simple as showing up with extra rags and introducing yourself.
  • Getting involved tells the schools and students we appreciate you, we want to help, and we want to welcome you into the industry.

Want to Recruit More Technicians for Your Shop? It Starts by Helping Schools!

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