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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we are joined by Kim Hickey, Management Consultant & Coach, Automotive Training Institute. Kim shares with us how to change a shop’s mindset, the struggle shops are facing to find technicians, the importance of establishing a process, and best practices to ensure your process is a success.

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How to Change a Shop’s Mindset

  • If shops continue to do it the way they’ve always done it, they’re going to go out of business.
  • Everyone understands information in a different way. Shops need to understand the person they’re talking with and how they like to receive information.
  • Shops need to look at the big picture. If they put a process in place, how will this affect the overall success of the shop?
  • At the end of the day, business is business. If shops have more going out than coming in, they’re not going to be in business.
  • Shops have to understand what their immediate need is and what is going to give them the most return on investment.
  • Shops have to know their worth. As a shop, you are providing a service to your community, and you are worth it.

The Struggle to Find Techs

  • Shops aren’t making enough money to be able to go after really good techs.
  • Shops have to have a basic foundation in a place to attract great help. The foundation must consist of reasonable compensation, good benefits, paid time off, fun culture, etc.
  • Shops can’t make too many changes all at once. Once a change is made, it’s important to follow through with the change and have consistency to keep building upon it.
  • Shops are afraid to talk about the “What If’s.” Talk about the potential good and bad. Then, if something goes wrong, you’re prepared to handle it.
  • There tends to be a lack of communication between managers and techs. Shops need to be open and transparent with techs as to why they’re doing certain things.

Importance of Establishing a Process

  • It’s very hard for shop owners to wrap their head around the idea of a process, and many shops tend to throw processes out the window when they get busy.
  • Processes protect shops when they’re busy because if they stick them it becomes muscle memory.
  • Processes bring so much value to a shop, and make them look so much more professional.
  • When a shop has a strong process in place, the customers will have a set of expectations from the shop.
  • Be sure to have clear expectations of what is expected from the technicians in terms of the process.

Shop Practices that Worked 20 Years Ago, Probably Aren’t Working Today!

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