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In this week’s episode of Beyond the Wrench, we are joined by Madelynn Vant Hoff, Automotive Technician, Don Miller Subaru East. Madelynn talks about her experience as a young female joining the industry, what drove her to the industry, and the importance of having a mentor.

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Progressing in the Shop

  • New tech can learn a lot in the express area, and shouldn’t take that time for granted.
  • Sometimes the work as a new technician can be a little monotonous, but it’s important to learn those skills.
  • If something new comes into the express area, it’s important for a main shop tech to ask the young technician what they think is wrong and walk new techs through the process.
  • Some young technicians try to rush into the main shop, and a lot of times they are over-confident with their knowledge.

Importance of a Mentor

  • Mentorship is extremely important. Work at a shop where questions are accepted and not demonized.
  • When asking a veteran tech a question, at first new techs may feel as if they are interrupting them, but it isn’t always like that. They’re almost always willing to help.
  • If it’s slow in the express lane, walk over to the main shop and see what the technicians are working on and try to learn from them.

Young Female in the Industry

  • The first week or two in the shop new techs will have the “newcomer stigma,” and sometimes feel the experienced techs are not taking them seriously.
  • In the automotive world, especially with older technicians, there’s a mentality of, “I need to find a man to do this,” which is not true. Women are just as capable as men.
  • Having a female role model in the shop is inspirational to young women who are interested in joining this industry, and shows them they’re welcome in the industry.
  • Right now, almost every shop and dealership is hiring. If they’re not willing to hire women, they just cut down their workforce.

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