Dealerships everywhere are having to rethink and get creative with their recruiting strategies in order to attract technicians.

The growing shortage of technicians has led to a fight for attention between shops for the 5% of technicians who are actively looking for jobs on major job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc. Most recruiting strategies end there—completely missing out on the majority of technicians out there that are employed and open to new opportunities, but not looking at job boards.

The market is changing, and our recruiting strategies need to change with it.

How WrenchWay Helps Dealerships Attract Technicians

At WrenchWay, we understand that there is no silver bullet for recruiting technicians. There is no easy, quick way to find technicians to hire in a technician shortage. However, once dealerships start thinking about recruiting as an ongoing process, they will start to see more technicians applying to their positions.

Our clients at WrenchWay start by working with us to build a Top Shop page, which becomes the foundation of all their recruiting efforts.

Their Top Shop page includes:

  • Overview of the shop
  • Photos of the service area and equipment
  • List of open positions with quick apply
  • Videos of employees and management
  • FAQs on compensation, benefits, work environment, career development, and hiring process

Once their Top Shop page is completed, our team works with clients to incorporate it in all their recruiting efforts. For example:

  • Adding a link to their Top Shop page on their website
  • Including a link to their page on all their job postings
  • Encouraging employees to share it on social with the help of our Team Shares tool
  • Connecting with technicians through Reverse Job Posts
  • Building relationships with schools using School Connect

Plus, every client gets added to our Top Shop listing and videos are promoted on our Shop Talk feed.

Want to see it in action? Check out how Sun Motor Cars has been able to ramp up their technician recruiting efforts with a WrenchWay Top Shop membership.

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